Damascus Steel Pocket Knives with Clip

Small yet practical, simple but extremely reliable, and comfortable but still very risky if needed, a pocket knife is perhaps among the best tools you can get. Either for survival or just as a utensil to carry around, this piece is valuable for some and essential for others. For centuries, pocket knives have been helping people with everything from cutting strings to saving lives. Their compact designs with razor-sharp blades make these knives the most versatile and indispensable tools that proved to be readily handy and easily pocketed. These involve several tasks: skinning or peeling fruit from a tree, opening parcels or packages, or slicing off a hunk of cheese. The perfect knife must be sharp enough to accomplish your job. It should be convenient to carry everywhere. The earliest known small pocket knives date back to the early Iron Age of 600–500 BCE, where the simplest form was found with a bone handle at a culture site in Austria. The ancient Romans also take credit for fashioning the earlier folding or pocket knives. Ancient craftsmen and artisans made the popular Iberian folding-blade knives from the pre-Roman era. Moreover, the iconic knives have also been instituted from the Viking period. These small utility bits have emerged as a quintessential product in everyday carry collections with rich historical heritage. 

35 products

35 products

Be A Part Of The Excellent Legendary Tradition 

Having one of these amazing folders tucked nicely into your pocket, you attain a strength of practicality, authority, and value. Thanks to the newest artistic impressions and innovation, these folding knives are as unique and varied as ever. Appreciate multiple blades, ergonomic handles, and easy-opening mechanisms to stay at the peak of comfortable effectiveness.  At Orkla Knife, we stock a huge variety of useful and vintage folding knives that are subtly distinctive to meet high-end functionality. Our selection lets you get what you need with intricate designs, sumptuous carvings, and lasting durability. Sifting through a plethora of small pocket knives may be overwhelming sometimes, but we have arranged comprehensive guides to help you buy the perfect one. These will teach you everything you need to know about before making a beneficial buying decision. Even so, if you can't decide, then have a look at our splendid collection of Handmade Folding Knives.

Choosing A Knife Is Always Crucial

When considering knives for everyday carry, focus on the genre that will fit easily on your belt or be tucked nicely in your pocket. It should be comfortably light weighed to carry with a handle and blade size of your choice. Our classic selection of folding knives contains items with a blade length of 3-4 inches and have a clip-point or drop-point shape. The handle length range from 3.5 to 5 inches. With the best locking mechanism, our knives are never going to hurt your fingers or hands. The stiffness of a locking blade enables the user to manipulate the knife at different angles more safely. We stock a selection of artistic creations with whittling wood knives carved and shaped to the utmost perfection. Another prime factor that affects the built and usability of a knife is the kind of metal the blade is manufactured of. We proudly deliver the best forms made from Damascus steel.

Damascus Steel That Commands Visual Treat & High-End Functionality

The type of steel is characterized by an exclusive structure of alternating layers of two or more types of steel. All these layers are tightly connected through a heat-intensive forge welding process. Usually, these Damascus steel knives hold approximately 100-500 layers, resulting from various steel types with the best properties. High carbon hard steel is fused with softer low carbon steel to give greater hardness, abrasion resistance, and breaking strength. In addition to these exceptional attributes, our Damascus steel Pocket knives have a uniquely beautiful, decorative pattern on blades that is always distinctive and non-identical. Hence you always get an absolute original representation of the design, and no two pieces are ever similar. Feast your eyes with the classy, elegant handmade Stainless steel folding knife! Feel its magnificent, sleek texture with your hand and cherish its compact shape and lightweight in your pocket.

Types of Locking Mechanisms

Don't get overawed by different types of knives locks. These all bring the same task but in different manners. Here are some common lock types you can find in a premium knives array.

Lock back: The majority of our knives have a lock-back mechanism. In such types, a locking bar runs through the spine of the knife's handle into a notch of the tang. If you want to close it, press on the handle's bar, and it will pivot out of the tang.

Liner: In this type of lock, one side of the handle's inner liner is bent. So, when you open your knife, a springing liner slides over behind the blade's tang, preventing its closure.

Frame: It is somewhat similar to a liner lock. Here one side of the knife's frame glides behind the blade upon deploying. It works as a secure lock.

Crossbar: This lock is stronger than the linear type, and you do not need to adjust grip while operating this. It has a steel bar that passes through the knife handle to the notch of the tang.

Collar: With a spherical collar around, the blade twists to lock it open or closed. 

Enrich Your Collection With The Perfect Piece Of Art And Skilled Craftsmanship

Get yourself a high dose of luxury with our classic range of handmade folding knives. Add a fascinating touch to your knives collection with the royal array of cutting tools and enjoy the touch of style this offers. Whether you are looking for a handy weapon to stay safe on hunting or need something to outclass for tactical use, these knives make the jewel of the crown. For sports, outdoor, camping, combat, survival, and fishing endeavors, grab on a set of exquisite handmade Damascus steel pocket knives and incorporate more sparkle to your lineup. Treat your special friend with the stunning assemblage of arsenal and satisfy the most exquisite of tastes. Our every model is worth buying with your hard-earned money.