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Though widely used as a kitchen knife or a butcher knife, intended for easily hewing through meat and bone, a professional cleaver chopper knife truly excels at several other culinary tasks also. Traditional meat cleavers are crafted like ancient medieval weapons, and historically, these were considered brutish tools. Designed to hack through the bone with a well-placed cut, the cleavers derive their chopping power from a blunt force rather than the razor-sharp precision. These are employed for various cutting tasks where a chef's knife limits its functionality. A cleaver works ideal for jobs that might otherwise wear down or damage a chef's knife. You can chop efficiently through whole chickens, lobsters, and even large squashes with a high-quality cleaver knife. It appears to be a solid investment for stock and soup lovers, as it permits the user to expose more of the bone and meat to the water to extract better flavor. Moreover, once you have grabbed a useful cleaver, you may find it handy for crushing garlic, mincing raw meat, cracking open coconuts, chopping cooked meat, and bruising lemongrass. The flat side of its blade can flatten or tenderize cutlets and scoop up chopped items from the cutting board. 

Could we find the one fit for modern life?

Yes! Off course. For the modern application, what you need is not just a cleaver but a classic Damascus Cleaver! Are you looking for a large, heavy-duty knife to spice up your cutting experience? Then the Damascus Cleaver/ Chopper from Orklo knife is exactly what you are missing. Have you had a hard time choosing the best one? This beautiful Damascus Steel Cleavers will be your dream tool!

Overall Length 

With an overall length of 12" inches, this particular cleaver knife is a beautifully made art piece of high-end craftsmanship. It serves different purposes, from chopping vegetables and cutting meat to slicing potatoes. The versatile cleavers can nail it if you hack it through a coconut shell.

Product Details

Overall Length 12" inches
Blade Length  7"inches
Handle Length 5" Inches
Knife Type Meat Cleaver/Chopper
HRC 55-58
Handle Material combination of Olive and Rose wood
Leather sheath It has pure cow leather sheath with it.
Sharpness It has razor sharp cutting edge.


Blade Details

The unique and classy Damascus pattern is created by forging high carbon steel and stainless steel. The resulting blades are then placed in an acid bath to bring the best patterns out. The acid eats away the most corrosive form of high-carbon steel to leave behind patterns that are never identical to the other. Then the blades are sealed using a quality wax coating. The meat cleaver holds a blade length of 7" inches and reveals a lovely twist pattern.

Handle Material          

An adorable combination of Olive and Rosewood makes a very durable cleaver's handle. The two-toned handle has a visually appealing wavy grain that brings it a beautiful and distinctive look. It offers an excellent and very pleasant grip, all thanks to its sturdy handle and a long 7" inches blade. The handle possesses a length of 5" inches.

HRC   55-58

To withstand the thick cuts of meat, bone, and the cutting board, tough and resilient steel is required to bring the best blade and a sharper cutting edge. To achieve this toughness and resilience, the blade steel needs to be tempered in a range of 55-58 HRC (Hardness on the Rockwell Scale). This cleaver scores an HRC value within this range so that it will hold a shaper cutting edge without rolling, chipping, or buckling. 


With a razor-sharp cutting edge, this cleaver accommodates firm and powerful cutting. While mincing, slicing, and smashing flawlessly, you can relish a sharper blade. Moreover, you can also sharpen your cleaver easily using a knife sharpener.

Leather Sheath

Leather appears to be one of the most popular choices for meat cleaver's sheaths as it won't scratch the blade and works slightly flexibly. In addition, a cleaver will hardly move inside a leather sheath that does not affect the sharpness of the blade and do not cause any damage. This amazingly designed best chopper knife comes with a pure cowhide leather sheath offering maximum protection and safety.

Damascus Steel Blade Care Tips

If you are going to use your Damascus meat cleaver, you should learn the following tips to ensure maximum safety:

  •         If you want to keep your Damascus cleaver safe, you should keep it clean and free of humidity. Damascus blades require more attention because of their susceptibility to corrosion. So, it is better to clean the blade immediately after use or come into contact with moisture.
  •         Spot cleaning the corrosion with a soft scrub works great if your knife has been kept to the moisture.
  •         Protect the Damascus pattern from getting faded or dull. It would be an essential job when dealing with Damascus steel blades. Apply a high-quality oil or a small amount of WD-40 when the blade is dry. It will help to protect the blade against moisture and fading. Damascus is chemically fused with stainless steel and other softer metals; therefore, you do not need to worry about flaking or chipping.
  •         Maintain the sharp cutting edge of your Damascus steel blade. Damascus steel will maintain its edge for quite a long time, but it will eventually get dull if used consistently. So, it is highly recommended to maintain its edge with the Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker.  

As A Classic Kitchen Gift

The multipurpose tool with a fascinating look makes an ideal gift for a chef or cooking enthusiast. It has a stunning feel and comfy weight to attain impeccable performance. With a strong design and good strength, the cleaver accomplishes high durability. While gifting the special item to a friend or a family member, make sure to get a well-handcrafted box. It can keep the kitchen essentials safe and sharp. It also makes your gift more presentable and tempting.

Perform Like A Pro

Equip your kitchen with this smart, reliable, and versatile meat cleaver. Make your cooking adventure even more enjoyable with the big knife. This is the perfect meat cleaver suitable for numerous tasks, whether you like to do a lot of home-butchering or look for a tough and resilient knife to handle big-sized veggies.

Important info

Orkloknives are handmade you will get the same knife as in the photo. A slight difference can be there in color and patterns because these are handmade items and we use natural material.
The combination of different steel makes the Damascus steel more beautiful and durable.
The knife have perfect grip sharp cutting edge and beautiful shape which makes Orkloknives more attractive.

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