8" Pocket Knife with Blue Handle and Leather Case

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If you are looking for a trusted name to buy a wonderful assortment of knives then Damascus Knife Hub is a team of professionals who are passionate enough to provide you with the best quality kitchenware so that you can upgrade your tools and get your task quickly done. Every knife is created with ultimate precision. 

All of the products are of top-quality material, and excellent craftsmanship is depicted in the creativity of our product. The Blue Handle Pocket Knife is beneficial not only for everyday indoor tasks. But it works well with outdoor tasks too. Such as hunting or camping. 

The brand's vision is to provide you with top-notch tools for your kitchen that will make your life much easier, and you can enjoy the overall experience of cooking like never before. So, the team works with ultimate passion and accuracy, making our products super functional. 

These folding knives with the best-patterned design engraved are the ultimate choice of every emerging chef or adventure-loving person. It is because of the following reasons.

  • The best quality Damascus Steel utilization makes it super sharp and sturdy.
  • The engraved twisted pattern on the surface of the blade makes it stunning
  • It can be used as a decorative item for your Kitchen table or as a gift to your friend.
  • It is secured in a casing so that you can get the undamaged product as you ordered.
  • Its aesthetic appearance makes it eye-catching, and therefore it enhances the personality and taste of its user or carrier. 

Some Reasons To Use Damascus Steel In Knives:

The first reason to use Damascus Steel in knives is that it gives a sharp edge. And it increases its strength too. 

The structure is composed of soft Steel. That is sandwiched between the hard steel, which makes it super strong. The purpose of mild Steel is to protect. And hard Steel is to provide sharpness to the knife. 


Product Details 

Overall Length 8" inches
Blade Length  3.2" inches
Handle Length 4.8" Inches
Knife Type Folding/Pocket knife
HRC 55-58
Handle Material

Blue Dollar sheet with Engraved stainless steel clips, File Work on the Spine.

Leather sheath It has Genuine Leather pouch.

It has razor sharp cutting edge.



Here are some of the main benefits that Damascus Steel provides to the knives.

The Unique Eye-Grabbing Pattern On The Surface Of Blade:

The knives' blades' unique pattern makes them attractive. And therefore, they can be used as a gift for a showpiece for the kitchen. The design on the Damascus Steel seems like the flowing water that upgrades the look of the space and makes it more stunning. Although, all Damascus Steel has a twisted pattern or stratified design. But all ways are entirely different from one another that making them unique.

Do Not Get Rust Easily:

If you take care of the knife properly, it will not get rusted, and its life will be increased. The sharpness of the Steel will last longer. Moreover, these folding knives are handmade that makes them reliable. 

Strength And Durability:

They have stratified layers that make them extra strong and durable. With the increased firmness, you can use it for a long time, and its blade will not get chapped. The metal is of top quality. So you don't have to sharpen it from time to time. 

Aesthetic And Stunning Appearance:

The twisted design on the blade looks antique yet modern, and this unification of both tastes makes them appealing to all of the masses. Whether the users want their favorite food item or want to take it on their camping adventure, they can carry it easily and use it as they wish. The set of trendy and appealing folding knives will upgrade your knives collection and make them more exotic. 

Easy To Clean:

It does not require extra measures to clean and maintain. Just the basic steps will be great to maintain the quality. 

Other properties of Blue Pocket Knife with leather cover includes, 

The Utilisation Of Best Quality Material To Make Handle Of The Knife:

The other component that makes the knives preferred and easy to use is the quality of the handle material and its firmness. If the handle is sturdy and completely intact, it will be easier to use. To provide the customers with the best cutting experience, we make sure that the scale of the handle is fixed with the brass pins into the inlay of brass. The stainless steel structure of the knife makes it top-notch. You can easily grip it and use it as you want. 

Some Tips To Maintain The Damascus Steel Knives:

If you want to increase the quality of your nerves and keep them well maintained, you have to follow some of the tips to clean them and use them. First of all, it is the fact that moisture is the ultimate enemy to the sharpness of knives. And this fact goes with Damascus Steel as well. So you have to make sure that you keep the knives dry every time. It is beneficial to oil the knife after some time. It enhances its shine and sharpness. For oiling the knife properly, you should use regular cooking oil or lubricating oil. Just make sure that you do not leave the oil on the blade for a long time because it will make the knife smelly, and when the oil gets solidified, it will affect the sharpness and shine of the blade. 

After using the knife for some time, the Damascus steel may darken. To restore its shine, just sand the blade with sandpaper lengthwise. This process will cut down the raised portion of the carvings and make them shiny. 

Some things that you should not do while handling the Damascus blade knives. 

  • Not leaving them under flowing water for a long time
  • Not washing them in the dishwasher. It is because it will destroy the sharpness of the blade. Not using the damp cloth or towel after washing it.

Get your hands on the ultimate quality Blue Pocket Knife With Engraved Steel Frame Work Pocket Knife because it is an investment that will give you ease in your work and make your working experience more smooth. Feel the seamless working experience with this convenient product ASAP.


IF you Ever Have a Question about Knife and it's care policy, Please Feel free to contact us any time. We are here to help & serve you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 263 reviews

Very beautiful knife fits in the hand like a glove.

Nicole Acosta

I purchased when on sale for $25. Great quality and size. Looks exactly like the picture. It arrived with some slippery oil substance on it which was unexpected but I'm assuming it's so the metal doesn't rust in transit? Otherwise it's easy to open and close and stays in place. I've only had it for a few days so I'm not sure how it holds up over time but I will only use in emergency self defense situations. Hopefully I won't ever have to use it but it makes me feel safer.


This one met my budget but after receiving it, exceeded my expectations!!
The knife came in a black bag. Lots of glitter everywhere after opening but not a big deal. Not gonna to use that bag anymore. The knife and sheath came in a sealed plastic bag to keep from scratching. The blade also has oil oil on it so it was recently sharpened.
Its super sharp and looks even better than the stock photos. I love it.

Joseph Douglass

Great quality and beautiful damascus pattern and notice it was shipped 20 minutes after I purchased the item looks like pictured just slight damascus pattern difference.

Christina Forgacs

Great quality! It'll probably take a bit of use to loosen up the knife, but I consider that a sign of a good quality piece! The design is gorgeous too


I love the size of the knife and its color. For a female like me, its perfect size to carry inside your bag. Well I bought this just for self defense, you will never know what will happen ??. Overall, I have no complains on this knife, its easy to pull and push and also it is not heavy. The holder case included is also in great quality! I received the item earlier than its expected delivery date.


A very pretty and well made knife. It was a little bit difficult getting it to close, but that could have just been me not being too strong. Now that I've gotten the hang of it, it is easy to open and close. Took 7 days to arrive after placing order.


I do love this knife. It is beautiful and is made of very nice materials. I love the feel of it in my hand. The blade is beautiful also. I would love to recommend this knife to anyone looking for a nice knife. Shipping was quick also.

Liz Barker

My daughter loves her Christmas present!

Sidney Clark

The knife is overall beautiful, and well crafted. The only complaint I could come up with is the blade is a bit tough to open at first, and having to pry it open with your fingers is a bit unpleasant but overall it was a great buy, and my brother loved his gift.

First hand review, very good, slice well, very oily