Cold J2 Steel Kitchen Knife Set of 2 PCS

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Damascus Knife Hub is a one-stop solution where creativity meets professionalism to manufacture a sleek product that makes your everyday kitchen tasks much quicker. Damascus Knife Hub makes each knife with passion, accuracy, precision, and dedication. The highly skilled craftsman utilizes all of their expertise and latest techniques to ensure the perfect knife for the consumers.

It is time to upgrade your kitchen knife set with a J2 steel kitchen knife set of 2 PCS and make your life much easier. Prepare everyday meals quickly and feel the awaking dream of becoming a super chef. The smooth user experience, the blade of top-quality Damascus steel, and the firm handle material are the prominent features of the J2 steel kitchen knife set of 2 PCS. So whether you have to cook inside your house or if you have to do outdoor cooking, this ultimately aesthetic and functional life will accompany you well and make your task much quicker.
Damascus steel is the robust material to manufacture knives. Century-old techniques form this Steel by combining many materials and stratification many layers. This method is still used widely for the production of knives.

Damascus Knife Hub uses the top-notch Damascus Steel material because of the following reasons.

Rust Resistant:

The Damascus steel is manufactured from the old techniques still used in this industry. And they produce perfect results in the form of the sharpest and sturdy knives. The premium quality of this blade is that it does not get rusted easily, and hence its sharpness remains for a long time.

Strong And Resilient:

The stratified structure and perfect framework keep these knives sharp and usable for long. It will not get damaged easily. So you do not have to pay extra attention to care for them.

Easy To Clean:

The Damascus steel is much easier to clean and maintain. Just a few steps of oiling and proper washing will restore their quality.

Antique Yet Trendy Appearance:

The aesthetic appearance of the unique pattern on the blade of the J2 steel kitchen knife set of 2 PCS makes this material unmatched. Although, every Damascus blade is crafted from the same metal. But the patterns engraved on these blades are slightly different from one another. They depict the tone of flowing water in a meandering manner. It elevated its elegance.
And you can use it as a decorative item for your kitchen table. This wavy design is the main feature of this knife that makes it the perfect gift item. The beautifully showcased J2 steel kitchen knife set of 2 PCS will look phenomenal in your kitchen or at the camping adventure.

Stratified Layers And Intriguing Design On Blade:

Old techniques are used to make these knives. And according to these techniques, the layers are forged or welded together to make them extra strong and provide a sharp cutting edge. It makes the knives more attractive and stunning.

Some of the other features that the consumers like about the J2 steel kitchen knife set of 2 PCS are, 

Product Details 

Overall Length 13"-12" inches
Blade Length  8"-7"inches
Handle Length 5" Inches
Knife Type Meat Cleaver/Chopper
HRC 55-58
Handle Material Rosewood Black horn handle brass spacers
Leather sheath It has pure cow leather sheath with it.
Sharpness It has razor sharp cutting edge.



The Utilisation Of Premium Quality Handle Material:

The firm handle of the J2 steel kitchen knife set of 2 PCS is the most significant factor in determining the quality of the knife blade. Damascus Knife Hub understands the importance of good quality handles of knives. And therefore, the firmest material is attained by the brand. This handle is easy to grip. That feature makes it convenient for you to use the knife and cut steak, veggies, or anything you want. Now the kitchen activities will not be boring anymore.

Some Tips To Maintain The Damascus Steel Knives:

Although Damascus steel does not require any extra care or high-end maintenance. Still, there are some standard cleaning practices that you should follow to maintain the quality, strength, sharpness, and shine of the J2 steel kitchen knife set of 2 PCS. The most important do not's when it comes to cleaning and handling knives are,

  • Do not leave it under flowing water for a long time, as it will diminish the shine and sharpness of the knives
  • Do not leave it on the damp cloth after a wash or after use
  • Do not wash it in the dishwasher as it will destroy the cutting edge blade of the knife.

Now here are some dos to follow when you aim to maintain the quality of knives.

  • Wash J2 steel kitchen knife set of 2 PCS properly with water and then wipe them with a dry cloth.
  • Secure them properly in the strong casing
  • Do not leave them as it is after use for a long time because it can harm the shine and sharpness of the blade.

How To Oil The Damascus Knife Properly?

There is a specific way to correctly oil the J2 steel kitchen knife set of 2 PCS. By doing so, it will not get rusted early. Firstly, oil the knife with good lubricating oil or cooking oil and then wipe it with a dry cloth. Ensure that you do not leave the blade as it is; because the oil would get solidified and make the knife smelly. Moreover, ensure that the oil is food-safe as well.

How To Restore The Shine Of Damascus Steel Knife?

It is regular for the blade to get dull or lose its shine. If your J2 steel kitchen knife set of 2 PCS becomes like that, sand the surface of the knife lengthwise. The sandpaper will cut down any extra raised areas on the blade and make it sleek. The engraved pattern on the knife will get prominent and shiny.

Get this ultimate J2 steel kitchen knife set of 2 PCS that shows the blending of art and professionalism perfectly and flare up the collection of your kitchen knives. All of these products are delivered in secured packaging so that you can get your order undamaged. Experience the new way of cooking and unleash the real chef within you. Make delicious cuisines seamlessly with a J2 steel kitchen knife set of 2 PCS like never before.

Important info

Orkloknives are handmade you will get the same knife as in the photo. A slight difference can be there in color and patterns because these are handmade items and we use natural material.
The combination of different steel makes the Damascus steel more beautiful and durable.
The knife have perfect grip sharp cutting edge and beautiful shape which makes Orklo knives more attractive.

Please Feel free to ask anything regarding our Product & services.

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Customer Reviews

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These cutters are epic! Seriously upped my backyard grilling game. Great conversation piece as well when guest are over and you bust out the knives ??????

Zoe Lent-Bews

Got these as a gift and husband loves them. Didnt notice they came damaged and when I reached out, even though it was past the 21 day grace period, they worked with me and are sending replacement knives. Talk about great customer service!! Thank you so much!

Andrea Henry

Shipped quickly! Item is as described. My husband loves them!

Jo Rivera

Love these knives. Shipped and received promptly. Packaged very well. Extremely sharp. Completely satisfied with my purchase.

Jane doe
Name is not Jane

Ordered these knives because I thought they were American made like the other knife I got from Orkloknife as a Christmas as a gift, but these are not! They were shipped from Pakistan. They look okay but after getting the grease off they are not as sharp as expected. The leather roll is thin and cheaply made. Probably won’t order again

Great knives!

Very happy with the knives, I received both sets quickly, packaged well and overall great quality. I noted the other comments about the oil, so what? Just wash and maintain them, they’re great

William James

My son purchased this for a friend. Both his friend and my son were very happy with it. I was also amazed at all the small detail work done on this too. The item came quickly and there were no complaints.

Jena Reynolds

My husband was so impressed with the craftsmanship of this item! I purchased it as an 11 year anniversary gift (to honor our steel anniversary) and it was so well made as well as a truly beautiful heirloom quality piece. I couldnt be happier with my purchase!

Philip Lawson

Great item.

Morgan Novak

Beautifully made and unique! I bought them as a gift and my boyfriend loves them. The only downside was they weren't as sharp as we were hoping!