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With Scandinavian Vikings, two things are highly popular; their ships and the other one as their deadly weapons or Viking axes. Although, in the Viking Age, different types of tools and weapons were used including swords, bows, arrows, lances and spears; but the most popularly associated ones are the Viking axes. Used as a useful weapon or tool during the late 8th century to the middle of the 11th century, these are often known as medieval throwing axes. These axes were highly effective during the battles and served to implement powerful strokes to knock off the enemies to the ground. Designed for multiple uses other than the battle fields, these were also employed to perform various tasks for farmers, hunters and craftsmen. On the basis of their built, size, shape, weight and design; these are categorized into different types. Here we present a classic form of Scandinavian battle culture with this Handmade J2 steel Viking axe. This is a bearded axe that served as a powerful weapon during the ancient period. They became a deadly tool to shatter the shields that cleaved through the tough armors very easily. Let’s appreciate the grace of history with its present day formation:

The Ancient Warfare Arsenal Of Scandinavian Vikings

The amazing piece of artwork is crafted with the highest quality of J2 steel material in an enticing, visually appealing design. The weapon is made highly corrosion resistant using premium grade raw materials. These axes were the ideal choices during battles for those who could not afford the expensive swords. Such axes were made lightweight to handle and swing effortlessly against opponents. The fantastic bit of historical culture carries awe-inspiring engraving, carving and etching work to lend more visual appeal and aesthetics. In addition to the battlefields; these were also used for building Viking longboats.

Product Details

Overall Length 20" inches
Blade Length  6x4" inches
Handle Length 18" Inches
Knife Type Viking Axe
HRC 55-58
j2 steel Etched axe
Handle Material

Kail wood leather wrapping 

Leather sheath It has pure Leather pouch.
Sharpness It has razor sharp cutting edge.


Overall Length 

Whether it was used to strike down the enemy forces or to split a hard log; it carries a comfortable overall length of 20 inches. One can feasibly hold it to add in an antique collectible range. Grab it now if you are an admirer of historical values. Nowadays you can keep it as a souvenir in museums for a decorative depiction of battle axe culture of the Viking era.  

Blade Length

For those who want to learn and study past civilizations in depth, this classic Viking axe is a must have essential to own and review. With a blade length of 6x4" inches, it brings a well-balanced edged tool. The blade has a unique curvature that allowed Viking warriors to rout their opponents.

Handle Length & Material

Get the best handle to hold your fantastic Viking axe. This piece has a classic wooden handle made of Kail wood. It works ergonomically providing a better grip and full control of the tool. The length of this handle is 18" Inches. It brings a breathtaking pattern and a dazzling color tone for an alluring look. Moreover, it also adds to its flexibility and strength. The beautifully made axe has a handle wrapped in leather that renders a secure grasp in the holder’s hand.

HRC & Sharpness

The classically elegant Viking axe shows an HRC value of 55-58 on the Rockwell hardness scale. Means it has a high-quality and durable blade that has been intensively heat treated to give an excellent edge retention. The same treatment would have brought great hardness to the original axes used during the Vikings period. With a razor sharp cutting edge, this weapon qualifies for the same strength its original versions offered in the past. 

Beautiful Pattern That Is Second To None

This gorgeously handcrafted Viking axe is a j2 steel etched axe that is extremely resistant to corrosion and rust. With a high treatment method, it attains adorable patterns, further amplified with skilled carving and etching techniques. So, you always get a unique distinctive piece with high end design embellishment!

A Protective Leather Pouch For Safe Keeping The Axe

To keep your axe safe and undamaged, get an astounding leather pouch of high quality. This leather piece has durable double stitching and a single snap tab button closure to put your valuable historical emblem securely.

Arouse Your Fearless Inner Warrior

Capture the phenomenal weapon as reminiscent of Scandinavian history and battle culture. This Viking axe makes a great gift for yourself or a Viking history enthusiast. Feel the glory of the whimsical Viking reign with this spectacular souvenir. It works as a high end decorative piece and a specialty collectible for the admirers of ancient weaponry. Preserve the essence of Viking axe culture in the modern times and add this memorable bit of metal to your collection. It will surely be admired for the generations to come. By holding this stunning Viking axe, you cannot resist appreciating its handmade artistry and skilled craftsmanship.

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