14" Rambo White Bone Handle Hunting Bowie knife With Brass Guard & Pommel

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A Bowie knife is any large-sized knife that makes an excellent choice for hunting or other outdoor activities. Originally, these knives were designed for dueling and combats but over some time; they turned out to be stunning collectible because of their characteristic design features. A hunting bowie knife has long been the perfect companion for adventure enthusiasts when they go into the great outdoors. If this dazzling tool is crafted with high-end Damascus material, its handsome appearance makes it a favorite collector piece. With greater strength, excellent durability, and exceptional comfort, it will bring the best performance in hunting, survival, tactical and outdoor activities. If you are searching for grabbing the ultimate one, look no further than Damascus Knife Hub. Cherish the gorgeous 14" Rambo Knife White Bone Handle Damascus Steel Hunting Bowie With Brass Guard & Pommel. Let's get into the fascinating features of this Rambo bowie knife!

Durable Damascus For Lasting Performance

The classic bowie knife is created by multiple welding layers of high-carbon steel with other steel types to produce a re-welded billet and folded to produce several layers with unique patterns. These patterns result from manipulating different steel types during the forge welding process. After the process, acid is added to the blade to highlight the attractive layered pattern in the steel. It brings greater flexibility toughness with invisible serrations on the blade that aid in fine cutting. The sophisticated and aesthetic twisted pattern uplifts the blade's appearance manifolds. With a gorgeous twist pattern on the blade, this knife is a must-have tool for any hunter or outdoorsman. Not only is this knife practical and durable, but also a great head-turner. It has a blade length of 8" inches.

Overall Knife's Length  

Usually characterized by long blades, Bowie knives are employed for intensive cutting tasks on the go! The exceptional length gets them to stand apart from the traditional knives in terms of resilience and power. The knife's handle length and blade length measure the overall length. With a length of 13" inches, this knife falls in a more practical range for hunting, self-defense, and survival purposes. The robust-looking knife is lab tested under intense conditions to bring the perfect shape, balance, and grip.

Handle Material

When considering a particular knife, firstly, you look for the quality. And while the knife's blade is by far the most important component, the handle also deserves great attention. In terms of aesthetics, mostly people like natural handle materials. Among different types, animal bone is the most popular material as it enables a stronger grip and classy appearance. It holds up quite well for several tasks. This Rambo bowie knife is made from natural white bone with a brass guard and pommel. The natural material appears more pleasing to the eye and seems attractive in a knife collection. It fits comfortably in hand, providing the perfect balance. This knife has a handle length of 5" Inches that catches the eyes of every onlooker.

Product Details 

Overall Length 13" inches
Blade Length  8" inches
Handle Length 5" Inches
Knife Type Hunting/Bowie
HRC 55-58
Handle Material

Natural White Bone Handle with Brass Guard & Pommel

Leather sheath It has Genuine Leather pouch.

It has razor sharp cutting edge.



HRC Value 55-58

The incredible knife scores an HRC value of 55-58. The Rockwell hardness scale measures the blade's hardness and endurance to pressure before a dent. The higher the number on the scale, the stronger the blade is. This knife falls in the best range of hardness for premium quality hunting knives and shows greater edge retention for cutting, chopping, or piercing tasks.

Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge

A Damascus steel bowie knife is well suited for hunting endeavors. This knife exhibits high-end performance with its razor-sharp cutting edge. Its razor-sharp blade is hand forged to bring multiple layers. The blade has been given excellent heat treatment to get an HRC value of 55-58.

Elegantly Crafted Leather Pouch With Belt Loop And Fastener

This Rambo bowie knife comes along with a sturdy and robust leather pouch. Its high-quality and genuine build does not allow the blade to deteriorate and rust. The heavy-duty protective case has an integrated belt loop and a snap tab buttoned fastener that delivers safe and secure carrying of your knife.  

Bowie Knives For Everyday Use And Gifting

A multi-functional bowie knife makes an ideal gift for hunters, survivalists, campers, or outdoor enthusiasts. It is an essential tool for hunting trips and hiking across the mountains. The elegant knife is the perfect piece for home decor and gift choices for your beloved ones.

How To Take Care Of Your Damascus Steel Bowie Knife

The classic bowie knives made with Damascus steel lead to a wonderfully satisfying experience for professionals, adventurers, and everyday users. Once you have brought perfection in your hunting and outdoor tasks with your classy Damascus steel bowie knife, it is crucial to take care of them properly. To keep their uniquely beautiful patterns undamaged, you have to take care of the following important points:

  • Damascus steel knives have high carbon content; that is why they are more prone to rusting if not cared for properly. So it is recommended to store them in a dry place as moisture encourages them to get rust easily.
  • After every use, clean your knife's blade properly. Then get them dried completely. After washing or cleaning your knife's blade, apply a generous coat of good quality wax or vegetable oil. It will prevent the blade from corrosion and increase its life and durability.
  • If you want to maintain your Damascus blade's beautiful pattern and finish, do not keep them unattended for a long time in a leather sheath. As leather can absorb water, that in turn cause the knife's blade to get rust or go dull.
  • Damascus steel darkens with age. So, if you want to brighten up the blade, use sandpaper for sanding it lengthwise. The acts will hit the raised portions of the etched pattern making the blade look brighter and more beautiful.
  • If you have seen rust on your knife's blades, use WD40 to remove it. 

Indulge in great versatility and class with your Damascus Steel Hunting Bowie Knife. It will bring you amazing strength, comfort, and durability for years to come.


IF you Ever Have a Question about Knife and it's care policy, Please Feel free to contact us any time. We are here to help & serve you.

Customer Reviews

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Bobbie J. Millikan

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jeri mccoy
Beautiful knife

The knife is beautiful and the leather case is very well made. Your customer service leaves much to be desired. I never got any shipping info. Your phone number doesn’t work. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to get what I ordered. It just showed up one day.

Justin haas
Highly satisfied

I would highly recommend this knife for personal use or just to give as a gift

Jerome LeGrand
Bad ass knife

Handle fells great besides looking awesome one of kind knife,is good and heavy nice feeling in hand will get the job done!!!

John Wilford

It's great love it worth waiting for

Don Stevens
Howie knife

Solid knife, best I've seen in awhile

William James

My son purchased this for a friend. Both his friend and my son were very happy with it. I was also amazed at all the small detail work done on this too. The item came quickly and there were no complaints.

Jena Reynolds

My husband was so impressed with the craftsmanship of this item! I purchased it as an 11 year anniversary gift (to honor our steel anniversary) and it was so well made as well as a truly beautiful heirloom quality piece. I couldnt be happier with my purchase!

Philip Lawson

Great item.

Morgan Novak

Beautifully made and unique! I bought them as a gift and my boyfriend loves them. The only downside was they weren't as sharp as we were hoping!