Viking Bearded Axe Made from J2 Steel

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When thinking of dependable Viking axes, most people first think of battle axes, and normally its image is like a weapon used by trolls. However, they are light in weight and can help people in fast, deadly attacks for offensive and sneaky moves. Moreover, the axe was also considered an obvious weapon option for the underprivileged men in the Viking age. Even the modest farmhand had to have a wood axe to cut and split wood. 

In an era when almost everything was made of wood, it is not surprising that numerous types of axes existed. These were commonly used as an important tool in constructing houses, cars, ships, and other objects. In addition, these were also put to be very effective on the battlefields. Therefore, sometimes it is hard to categorize an axe as a weapon or a tool. Back in that period, swords were considered a quite expensive option in battles, and only the wealthy warriors could afford to own them. On the other hand, an axe was something that almost anyone could own to perform various tasks. 

Types Of Axes That Ruled The Viking Age 

The warriors used different kinds of axes during the Viking era. The Viking axes were generally lightweight so that mighty warriors could easily hold, handle and throw them to the targets. Their edges were specifically designed to be razor-sharp for close combats. Among the most common axes of that age were the 'Dane Axe' and the 'Bearded Axe.'

Dane Axe or Danish Axe

This is one of the earliest battle or combat axes used during the Viking period. It holds a wider, thinner blade and a large cutting surface. Despite its large size, it is relatively light to wield. Known for its popularity amongst the Danish Vikings, this axe is great for making deep cuts even through the toughest leather armor. 

Bearded Axe

Another common axe used in the Viking's time was the bearded axe. This axe has a larger cutting surface that keeps it lightweight to go viable in close combat. The beard also empowered the Viking warriors to pull and hook weapons out of the enemy's grasp. Bearded axes are still used for woodwork as they help bring precise cuts on massive logs.  

Uses Of The Multipurpose Armament From Ancient Times 

From the end of the 8th century to the middle of the 11th century, Viking axes were often known as medieval throwing axes. During the battles, these were highly effective and implemented powerful strokes to knock off the enemies to the ground. Moreover, the ancient tool with a rich history also performed other purposes like hunting animals and felling trees. Today, the axe is used in yards and other outdoor pursuits, like camping and hiking. Hence, the type of axe depends upon the purpose you intend to use it for. 


Product Details 

Overall Length 22" inches
Blade Length  6x4" inches
Handle Length 18" Inches
Knife Type Viking Axe
HRC 55-58
J2 steel Viking axe
Handle Material

Rosewood handle with engraving on the handle 

Leather sheath It has pure Leather pouch.
Sharpness It has razor sharp cutting edge.


Adore An Ancient Fighting Axe From Scandinavian Vikings Arsenal

Over the period, the structure and design of the Viking axes have changed. The people of the Scandinavian age mastered the art of making axes. During the emergence period, the head of an axe was made with stone, but gradually it was replaced by steel and iron materials. This amazing piece of artwork at Orklo Knife is one of its kind. The viking bearded axe is crafted with premium-grade J2 steel material in a visually appealing design pattern. 

Bearded Head For A High End Look & Easy Usage

This bearded viking axe comes with a beautiful custom engraving, etching, and carving pattern. It is noted for being heavily bearded. The shape of this axe appeared useful for various functions during battles, such as hooking the opponent's shield and ankle to trip and get them undefended. The tip of the axe blade would be amazingly sharp to slash throats and give foes a lethal blow. 

Hold The Real Beauty With Rosewood Handle 

The classic axe comes with an engraved Rosewood handle to flexibility, strength, and texture. It reveals the natural beauty of the wood and extra toughness to handle the classic tool. The handle works ergonomically, providing a better grip and full control in hand. The length of this handle is 18" Inches with a dazzling color tone and an alluring look. The handle is wrapped in eye-catching leather to render a secure grasp. 

Knock On Wood With Razor Sharp Cutting Edges

With an HRC value of 55-58 on the Rockwell hardness scale, the magical Viking axe endorses a high-quality and durable blade with excellent edge retention. It has a razor-sharp cutting edge that could have brought amazing strength and hardness to the original versions offered in the past.   

The Beautifully Patterned Axe Is Heat Treated For Corrosion Resistance 

The gorgeously crafted j2 steel axe is made highly resistant to rust and corrosion. This axe attains awesome patterns that are further intensified with awe-inspiring etching and carving techniques by undergoing intensive heat treatment methods. 

Carry Your Axe In A Stylish Leather Pouch 

To keep your axe undamaged, get a great leather pouch of top-notch quality. With durable, first-class stitching, it protects your tool from any harmful impact. A single snap tab button closure is there to preserve your valuable historical emblem safely and gracefully. A classic design pattern in leather speaks for its added grace and tasteful artistry. 

Stay Well Cultured With The Historical Masterpiece

These axes are no longer used today; rather, these bring a great way to learn about past civilizations. Go thoughtful for those who take great interest in historical heritage. Gift this classy emblem to make people study Viking era weaponry in depth. Feel the glory of the whimsical reign with this spectacular souvenir and grab it now if you are a real admirer of historical values. Moreover, it can also be used as a memento in museums to reveal the decorative depiction of battle-ax culture. If you love to keep high-end specialty collectibles for the admirers of ancient weaponry, this phenomenal viking bearded axe is the perfect piece to own and review thoroughly. Follow Orklo Knife to preserve the ancient grace in modern times. This is indeed an admirable tool for generations to come!

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