Brown Wood Steel Clips Handle Foldable Pocket Knife

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 If you are a camping enthusiast and want the perfect tools to make your trip much fun and easier, it is a must to have premium quality Brown Wood Steel Clips Handle Foldable Pocket Knife. Best craftsmanship is acquired to craft this ultimate piece of art that will make your aura a pro. It is super functional, but it also offers an artistic vibe. The skilled professional used all of their expertise and talent to provide the top quality products to the customers. 

Damascus Knife Hub is the ultimate house for top-notch knives to elevate your collection and make your everyday tasks easier. The aesthetic design and attractive appearance of this knife make it an unparalleled product that glam up the appearance of the space. 

Here are some of the prominent qualities of Brown Wood Steel Clips Handle Foldable Pocket Knife. 

  • The handmade structure of the knife makes it durable and long-lasting so that you can easily use them for a long time.
  • The top-quality blade is used in these artistic knives so that you don't have to resharpen them from time to time.
  • The stainless Damascus Steel has unique embellishments of flowy patterns. It makes it super attractive and artistic.
  • It is convenient to use and easy to store. Moreover, it comes with a protective casing of leather with a loop to not get damaged during the shipment.
  • The smooth folding of the knife offers a seamless working experience. 
  • The exotic and exquisite look of these knives makes them a decorative item. Or a gift item that you can give to your buddies. 

Why does Damascus Knife Hub Use Damascus Steel To Create Top Quality Knives?

Damascus steel is exclusively used to make the top quality knives because it was some of the best properties that enhance the functionality and working experience. Some of these properties are,

Durability And Strength:

It is crafted from ancient tips that don't get rusted. And also have premium strength and durability. You will not have to buy a new Damascus steel folding knife from time to time because it will last longer. 

Easy To Handle And Easy To Maintain:

The folding handle of the knife makes it easier for the user to grab it and use that effortlessly. Plus, the top-notch material does not get done, and you don't have to worry about its sharpness even after many use. The stratified layering of the metal makes them super sharp and sturdy. By following the few basic cleaning and maintaining steps, you can preserve its shine and sharpness very well for a long time.

Product Details 

Overall Length 7" inches
Blade Length  3" inches
Handle Length 4" Inches
Knife Type Folding/Pocket knife
HRC 55-58
Handle Material

Brown Multi Shade Pakka Wood sheet Stainless   steel clips, 

Leather sheath It has Genuine Leather pouch.

It has razor sharp cutting edge.


Unique Design And Attractive Appearances:

The most prominent feature that makes the Damascus steel unmatched is the unique pattern on the surface that looks phenomenal and exquisite. The twisted design depicts the vibe of flowing water that enhances its appearance and makes it more attractive. Every Damascus steel is created from the same method. But still have designs that are different and unique. 

Do Not Get Rusted Easily:

It will not get rusted easily because top-quality techniques are acquired to create Damascus Steel. So you can use it without worrying about getting it dull after use. 

The Top Quality Firm Handle Material: 

Another prominent feature that makes a good quality knife is the quality of the handle. And the premium quality material that is used to create it. The feel of the material is super comfortable. So that you can easily hold and use it effortlessly. Brass pins and inlay of steel fit together by the latest technological methods. It assures the quality and efficiency of the knife very well. 

Tips And Tricks To Handle The Damascus Steel And Maintain Its Quality:

Damascus Steel of the knife is one of its kind. And to maintain its sharpness and lustre, there are some tips and tricks to follow. First of all, after using the knife, wash it with clean water and then wipe it with a dry and soft cloth so it will not damage the sharpness of the Damascus blade. Damascus Steel has high carbon content, and less chromium is used to create it. So there are chances that if you do not care for it, it may get rusted or decolored over time. 

Here are some handling tips that you should consider when using Brown Wood Steel Clips Handle Foldable Pocket Knife.

  • Never wash the wood handle knife in the dishwasher because it will damage the sharpness and the sign of the blade battery that cannot be restored.
  • Make sure that you do not cut the citrus fruits with Damascus Steel folding knife because it can damage the sharpness of the blade by causing rust. Damascus blades do not work efficiently in wet and humid conduction. 
  • Do not use a damp cloth to wipe the steel knife. Instead, always use a cotton cloth or microfiber to clean the blade. 
  • Make sure that you store the knife in the leather sheath. It is because it will secure the blade from getting rust and secure the shine of the blade. 
  • Please don't leave the Brown Wood Steel Clips Handle Foldable Pocket Knife under the flowing water for a long time because it can be damaging for the sharpness of the blade. 

How To Apply Oil To The Damascus Steel Knife?

Proper oiling of the knife is necessary to maintain its shine and sharpness for a long time. It is better to use good quality lubricating oil or vegetable oil. Just make sure that you do not leave it for a long time on the surface of the blade because it will get solidified after some time, and it can be harmful to the blade. 

Elevate your knife collection by adding this unique and exclusively designed folding knife and make your adventure of hunting, fishing, or camping much fun.

IF you Ever Have a Question about Knife and it's care policy, Please Feel free to contact us at  any time. We are here to help & serve you.

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Slade Garnett
Awesome blade

My granddad that i gave it to loves it, Took forever to arrive though bc it kept getting flagged by security or whoever as a suspicious package 😂.