Kitchen Knife Set Buying Guide to Help You Make the Right Decision

Kitchen Knife Set Buying Guide to Help You Make the Right Decision

Kitchen knives are important pieces for every home cook and professional chef’s arsenal. Buying the right kitchen knife set can improve your work efficiency greatly. Also, from a safety standpoint, using the right knife for the right job is very important. Additionally, contrary to popular belief, sharper knives are safer to use. This is because, with a dull knife, you will have to put more force behind it and jostle a lot. If the knife is very sharp, it will glide through the food very easily.

However, professional chefs will always have more knives in their sets compared to home cooks. That being said, kitchen knives are available in a range of sizes, thicknesses, and different types of materials. Also, different people with different hand sizes will prefer different knives for cutting and chopping. So, make sure to read till the end to make your kitchen knife set buying decision a good one:

Know the Basics of Kitchen Knives

It is easy to think that every cutting job should be performed with a different knife. However, when you talk about basics, most kitchens will only need two types of knives. First, the chef’s knife will take care of most cutting and chopping jobs. It is a nice balance for all requirements.

However, what a chef’s knife cannot cut through is crusty, soft bread. For that, you’ll need a bread knife. These two can combine to make most kitchen knife sets complete.

However, depending on personal preferences and cutting requirements, a few others might also be required. Kitchens that get a lot of raw meat with bone, will need those heavy axes or meat cleavers as well. Make sure to get your kitchen knife set basics right.

Take Into Account the Size of Kitchen Knives

Hand fatigue is a very real thing when using kitchen knives. Also, for safety, it is important to use the right-sized knife for every job. A set of kitchen knives will be perfect when you have the right knife sizes. This is why bread knives are longer and thinner while a meat skinner knife will be much shorter.

Consider the overall length of the knife blade. A chef’s knife is probably the best when it comes to a balanced size. It will have around 7-8 inches of blade length. The handle will be 3-5 inches in length with indents for easier grip.

Heavier knives may be required as well that will be larger in size with more width to the blade. Consider all sizes and make your decision based on how you are able to handle the knife sizes.

Forged vs. stamped Kitchen Knives

Steel forging is a process that adds more rigidity and strength. Forged kitchen knives are usually more expensive as well. a single piece of molten steel is cut and beaten to form the knife. The cutting edge is sharpened which will keep its sharpness for longer.

Also, forged knives will usually have a flared piece of metal where the handle meets the blade. This will protect the hand while cutting. On the other hand, stamped knives are different and offer some flex when used. They are known to have a uniform thickness throughout with the cutting edge very sharp.

Stamped knives are generally cheaper. However, some top variants will cost even more than forged knives as well. Sometimes, having a bit of flex is a good thing. However, some chefs and cooks will prefer rigidity. Make the right decision.

Consider the Handle, Its Material, and Grip

The type of the handle, its material, and grippiness are very important factors. Selecting a kitchen knife set that offers handles that are easy to work with is the best option for safety and efficiency. Firstly, the material of the handle should be slippery at all. This is why many kitchen knives have wooden handles.

Leather covering or some other rugged materials suit best. Also, the handle should not be too thick or too thin to cause hand fatigue.

Consider buying a kitchen knife set with a good length to the handle. Also, knife handles with grooves to rest the fingers in are the best for grip as well. Additionally, the handle should be made from quality materials that can last long while keeping the rust away.

Fixed Blade vs. Handle Joints

When it comes to the type of construction and bodywork, there are two types of knives. Fixed blade is the prime example of strength and reliability. These will be made from a single piece of steel. The handle will be fixed on the steel rather than being attached at the end of it.

Rivets are used to hold the handle in place for fixed-blade knives. Regular knives that are not fixed blades, will have the handle holding the blade in place.

When pressure is exerted, fixed-blade knives will be able to withstand more force. This is because the piece of steel with no joints will be stronger. So, if you want a longer-lasting option, go with a fixed-blade kitchen knife set.

Consider Pricing

For many, the decision to buy a kitchen knife set will rest largely on pricing and budget. This is where it is important to compare prices. First, make sure to consider all these abovementioned factors and then compare prices.

Damascus Knife Hub is one of the best kitchen knife sellers in the USA. Our online shop offers attractive discounted prices while keeping the quality of the knives very high. You will be able to find something perfect for your requirements that will not break the bank as well.

Final Words

The size of the kitchen knives, the type of steel, the type of construction, and the handle quality are all very important factors when it comes to application. Make sure to consider all these factors when buying your kitchen knife sets. Damascus Knife Hub is one of the USA’s best online kitchen knife stores. Place your order today and schedule delivery right at your doorstep for any day of the week, all year. All our kitchen knives are made from forged steel and are made to last very long.

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