Outdoor Knife Gift Ideas for an Adventure Lover Friend

Outdoor Knife Gift Ideas for an Adventure Lover Friend

All of us have that outdoor adventure lover around us. For many, this might even be the dad or a close relative. Whomever it is in your social or family circle, gifting them an outdoor knife is a pretty awesome experience. Adventures like hunting trips, camping in nature, trekking and others are so much fun. However, people who go on these trips, always need to carry at least one good outdoor knife.

Hunting and outdoor knives are not only very practical but also must-have tools for outdoor adventures. Whether you need help killing the prey or preparing the meat, a good knife will always be needed. Also, it is always best to have something to defend yourself with on you when out and about in the wild. So, here are a few great outdoor knife gift ideas for that adventure lover friend or family member:

Some of the Best Hunting and Outdoor Knife Gift Ideas

Hunting Bowie Knife

The Bowie knife is one of the most iconic big-blade knives available in the market. It typically has a fixed-blade construction that makes it one of the most rugged and strong ones too. Sometimes also called the Rambo knife, it has been made famous in many Hollywood films too. The standard 8-inch blade also has a solid 5-inch handle for easy use. Needless to say, it is a big, tall knife for all-purpose outdoor use.

Forged steel hunting Bowie knife is a perfect outdoor knife gift idea for any adventure lover. It will inspire confidence while that friend is out and about in the wild. Also, it is a perfect hunting knife to kill, cut, slice and prepare the prey meat. In addition, the big-blade knife is a perfect survival blade that allows cutting ropes, branches and whatever you need to get through or slice.

Pocket Knife/Folding Knife

A pocket knife is every outdoor goer’s friend. When it comes to versatility and application, there is no blade more flexible than a folding knife. Quite literally! Puns aside, the folding knife is easy to carry, has one of the safest blades when folded and is always available.

Hunters and outdoor trip-goers simply love their pocket knives. In fact, many people who like adventures, don’t travel without a pocket knife at all. This provides a perfect opportunity for an outdoor knife to be presented as a gift.

Folding pocket knives can also be even more versatile. A Swiss Army Knife will also have great application for many different requirements. So, look for good deals on folding knives for your outdoor lover friend and they will love it for a long time.

Viking Axes

Many people who are into hunting and outdoor trips love their axes. Big Viking axes are the perfect hunting knife gift idea for such requirements. Forged steel Viking axes not only look beautiful but are also very efficient for outdoor trips. Whether your friend wants to go on a hunting trip, a camping adventure or trekking, a powerful axe will always be a good tool.

The good thing about an axe is that it is so versatile. Its good weight to it is useful for setting up camp and can be used as a makeshift hammer too. Also, it is a good tool to clear your path from branches and whatnot. It will also give confidence in self-defense should it be required. Amazing axes are available with exotic handle materials and beautiful finishes.

Tracker Knife

The trekker knife might not be the biggest blade, but it is one of the most versatile. A typical trekker knife has quite a wide blade that makes it a powerful tool. Whether you need help in trekking a mountain, cutting ropes, branches and whatnot, the trekker knife will help you do just that and more.

In fact, a trekker knife is one of the best hunting knife options as well. A quality forged steel trekker knife that has a fixed-blade style construction is also one of the most durable blades. Also, since it is not too long, your outdoor goer friend or family member will find it easy to keep on the body too.

Kukri Knife

Now, when it comes to big-blade knives, there are not many bigger than the kukri knife. In fact, it is also nicknamed the mini sword. A typical kukri knife has an inward curve and is 13 inches plus in size. Some more exotic kukri knives come with premium stag horns or white bone handles.

Whether you need help putting that prey to sleep or cutting its meat, a kukri knife is a specialist. Also, it has a very nice balance to it that makes swinging it to clear the path very efficient.

Make sure to look for a good blade design. The big blade will show off its design perfectly. Both the Kukri knife and Viking axes are perfect wall pieces as well. These are some of the best hunting knife gift options for outdoor lovers.

Hunting Skinner Knife

Guys that love to go on hunting trips, will need blades to prepare the meat. Skinner knives are perfect for the skin-removal job on the prey meat. These are not the biggest blades and are purpose-made for skinning jobs. However, like all blades, they can be applied for other uses as well.

When looking for a hunting knife gift for your friend or family member, a skinner knife is a great option. The other good thing about it is its cheaper price points.

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