Pro Tips to Store Kitchen Knives That Make Them Last Long

Pro Tips to Store Kitchen Knives That Make Them Last Long

Kitchen knife storage is very important when it comes to making it last longer. A kitchen knife set should always be stored in a safe and efficient way for its best performance too. Quite often, kitchen knives will lose their sharpness just because of not being stored appropriately. To keep it sharp for longer, the way you store it will play a vital role. Dulling of the blade and damage to it depends on what it comes in contact with even when not in use.

When looking to store kitchen knives for their longest life, the main factor to keep in mind is to not let the blade come in contact with other solid materials. If you can get a cover made from soft materials, it will be good for the longest-lasting sharpness. Also, keeping the blade away from moisture will make it last longer while staying sharper. So, we have some pro times on kitchen knife storage. Make sure to read through to find out more.

Protect the Blade with Sayas

Other forms of kitchen knife storage hardware can take up a lot of space. Options like wall-mounted strips and even countertop knife dispensers need space. Sayas on the other hand are great covers to minimize space and offer greater knife blade protection.

Typical Sayas will fit most standard kitchen knife blades. Buying them with your knives will make sure your products fit well on the blades. Especially, when you get hand-forged kitchen knives that are not standard in sizes or shapes, you need Sayas that will fit correctly.

A Sayas is a specific style of the knife sheath. Typically, they are made from Magnolia wood. This type of wood is also good because it will lift residual moisture from the blade as well. These blade guards will keep your high-end kitchen knives free from scuffs and losing their sharpness.

Magnetic Strips Mounted on the Wall

Another great way of storing kitchen knives efficiently is to use wall-mounted magnetic strips. These will also keep the blade away from coming into contact with other hard objects. This helps prolong the sharpness life of the blade keeping it rust-free as well.

Additionally, strips like these allow for easy access to the knife as well. Also, these give the feeling of an organized aesthetic when done right too. Magnetic strips that are mounted on the wall are pretty inexpensive as well making them a great kitchen accessory.

However, make sure to hang your knives on them when fully dry and cleaned properly. Moisture can get trapped between the blade and the magnet. This will cause rusting issues to the blade. Also, you can order these online on Amazon or find them easily in supermarkets too.

Wooden Knife Stands/Dispensers

Typically, these stands are not called dispensers. We just give them this name because it makes sense. For kitchen knife storage, wooden dispensers or stands are great accessories. These will be sizable blocks of wood chunks that will have knife-blade-sized slats cut into them.

Typically, you can buy a couple of knives stand up to ten knife stands. These are also made from wood. Most often, high-quality kitchen knife stands will also be made from magnolia wood. This type of wood will again keep the blade moisture-free while keeping it away from hard contact as well.

Also, these can be placed on your kitchen countertop or even in a big drawer. The bigger the size, the heavier the stand or disperser will be. Also, make sure to get one that matches your kitchen aesthetic as well. It will give your kitchen a great organized look too.

A Kitchen Knife Drawer Organizer

A lot of people will want their kitchen knives tucked away. Especially, households with young children should always keep all sharp blades tucked away at all times. This is where a good quality kitchen knife drawer organizer is very useful. This drawer organizer can be a DIY project or can be bought as well.

Putting your knives in a closed drawer makes the kitchen safer for young children and pets. Also, it will make the countertop look a lot cleaner with lesser things on it. However, to get access to knives, you will have more movements.

Also, wooden knife drawer organizers suit better than plastic or other materials ones. These will not let the blade scratch up and get duller. Additionally, wooden drawer organizers can be available in different sizes for different drawers in your kitchen too.

Kitchen Knives Travel Case

If you are a chef and need to travel with your specialized kitchen knives, a travel case will be the order of the day. Many chefs are always on the go to cook at different places away from their kitchens. A travel case not only organizes all the knives nicely but also makes kitchen knife storage very efficient.

With a travel case, you will also guarantee knife safety when traveling with them as well. Also, traveling with your knives in softer bags is never recommended. You need hard shell cases to make traveling with the knives safer. Additionally, cases with easy carry handles always are the better options.

These knives’ travel cases are not as easy to find as your typical stands. However, they can be available when you know where to find them. Also, these cases will be on the more expensive side of things as well. Chefs will hardly feel the amount though.

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