Black Handle J2 Steel western massive Bowie Knife With Stainless Steel Guard & Pommel

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The Bowie is one of the most iconic fixed blade knives ever. It is a particular style of knife that is easily recognized by its typical traits. Different versions of this classic knife type were introduced throughout the years, and the most popular version among those can be identified from the clip point style blade and the crossguard. Bowie knives often come as large hunting knives enhanced with a leather sheath. Combining strength, durability and comfort for the user, the massive western bowie knife stands as a highly versatile tool out of various types. If you are searching for a valuable buy, you could never go wrong with the J2 Steel Black Horn Handle Fixed Blade Big Bowie Hunting Knife with Stainless Steel Guard & Pommel at Orklo Knife. 

The Emergence Of The Classic Bowie Knife

Initially, the bowie knife emerged from Arkansas, United States. The fantastic tool was designed in the 19th century for an American pioneer, trapper and freemason named James Bowie. He got fame because of his role in the Texan Revolution. Hence this type of knife is known as the bowie knife, a durable, large knife that could serve the purpose of a hunting knife. Hunters and shooters can also employ it for general purposes. The knife has nicely stood the test of time owing to its incredible versatility and a fixed blade. It resembles a short sword for close-quartered fighting. 

The Bowie Knife Today

Today the bowie knives have adapted a more ornate appearance with elegant handles and guards for a firm, comfortable grip. However, most current bowie knives still contain classic elements from the 1900s. These come in stainless steel, cold steel, J2 steel, and Damascus steel for the blade material.

What Are Bowie Knives Used For?

Initially, the bowie knife was used as a survival weapon during camping or hunting activities. Today, these are widely used by backpackers and campers for various tasks. There are endless versions of bowie knives that differ in designs, patterns and sizes. The primary purposes of these knives are self-defence, butchering and skinning jobs. So, if you love collecting numerous types of knives, a bowie knife is a must-have tool.

Product Details 

Overall Length 13" inches
Blade Length  8" inches
Handle Length 5" Inches
Knife Type Hunting/Bowie
HRC 55-58
J2 Steel
Handle Material

Natural Black Horn Handle with Stainless Steel Guard & Pommel

Leather sheath It has Genuine Leather pouch.

It has razor sharp cutting edge.


What Defines A Great Bowie Knife?

Before getting your hands on the best Bowie Knife, here are some crucial factors to consider:

The Blade Material

Traditionally, the most preferred material for a bowie knife's blade was carbon steel, but modern versions also use advanced J2 steel and stainless steel alloys that are even better. Knives made with high-quality J2 steel material is visually more appealing and enticing. This material creates a bowie knife that is more corrosion resistant. Moreover, it is easy to sharpen the blade with longer edge retention. 

The Blade Size

Generally, a bowie knife's blade size ranges from 5 inches to 15 inches, depending on the type. Larger blades have more fantastic cutting edges and work perfectly for heavy-duty tasks like hunting and chopping wood. On the contrary, smaller blades serve high precision tasks like butchering and skinning. The size of a knife's edge influences its weight. For instance, if you need an excellent self-defence tool, a large-sized blade will be harder to yield. Instead, opt for a lightweight or medium-sized knife to get better control.

The Handle Material

A knife's handle is a significant aspect to consider while buying the best one. Handles made from inferior materials do not stand the test of time. When analyzing and comparing handles, you should go for a strong material that could bring a comfortable grip. Wood, bone and antler make attractive and comfortable options to select. However, synthetic blends like Kraton polymer, rubber and micarta are more durable with a firmer hold. Bowie knives with natural black horn handle, stainless steel guard, and pommel fit comfortably in your hand while providing an anti-slip grip.  

The Handle Design

Besides handle materials, the design of a handle also affects a knife's appearance and usability. An ergonomically designed knife's handle is easier to carry, providing better control and a firm grip. To provide a comfy grip, some Bowie knives have contoured handles, while the others may include a hook at the handle's end. Apart from featuring the knife's aesthetics, the finger guards combined with the hook at the handle back keep your hands from slipping during heavy-duty applications and intensive uses. You may also find a covering material like rubber over the handle to ensure a more comfortable hold in some versions.  


A knife's tang refers to the shaft that connects its blade to the handle. An entire tang blade is better for heavy-duty use when it comes to durability as it will not break even with intensive use. On the other hand, a half tang blade is more likely to break when employed for various hefty tasks. 

Protective Sheath 

A protective sheath makes a great addition to a Bowie knife. In addition to protecting you and others from any harm, it keeps the blade sharper for an extended period. With a high-quality and durable leather sheath, you can retain this sharpness for even longer. Thanks to the snap fastener, strap and belt loop enable the user to attach it to the belt securely. It allows safe carrying and easy access while on the move.

Take the Historical Legacy In the Modern Times

If you love to carry a helpful knife that is easy to carry around while going to the great outdoors, the massive western bowie knife would be your best bet. It highlights extreme versatility and works as a practical tool that combines beauty and functionality for enthusiastic knife users and collectors. These knives are best suited for different applications with a wide range of sizes, blades, and shapes. Modern-day Bowie versions stand out for their high-quality craftsmanship and stellar performance. These attention grabbers are not only beautiful for their charming looks and aesthetics but perform nearly as well.

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Beautiful knife

The knife is beautiful and the leather case is very well made. Your customer service leaves much to be desired. I never got any shipping info. Your phone number doesn’t work. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to get what I ordered. It just showed up one day.

Justin haas
Highly satisfied

I would highly recommend this knife for personal use or just to give as a gift

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Handle fells great besides looking awesome one of kind knife,is good and heavy nice feeling in hand will get the job done!!!

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It's great love it worth waiting for

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Howie knife

Solid knife, best I've seen in awhile

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My son purchased this for a friend. Both his friend and my son were very happy with it. I was also amazed at all the small detail work done on this too. The item came quickly and there were no complaints.

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My husband was so impressed with the craftsmanship of this item! I purchased it as an 11 year anniversary gift (to honor our steel anniversary) and it was so well made as well as a truly beautiful heirloom quality piece. I couldnt be happier with my purchase!

Philip Lawson

Great item.

Morgan Novak

Beautifully made and unique! I bought them as a gift and my boyfriend loves them. The only downside was they weren't as sharp as we were hoping!