5 Important Kitchen Knife Safety Tips for Every Chef

5 Important Kitchen Knife Safety Tips for Every Chef

Are you a home chef or a professional restaurant chef? Whichever one you are, knife skills and safety are very important. In fact, a lack of knife safety can not only be lethal but also very waste-prone. Everyone dealing with knives needs to have some safety tips in the head at all times. There is a reason why more experienced home cooks or chefs are better with knives. Kitchen knife safety comes with experience and knowledge. Here, we will give you this knowledge with a short read.

Knives are the building blocks of any kitchen. Without them, you will not be able to do even the most basic kitchen tasks. Additionally, the better you are with knife skills and safety, the less time you will have to spend in the kitchen too. And from experience, we can tell you that least time spent in the kitchen, the better. So, it’s that time of the year to learn some basic but very important knife safety tips. Read through to find out some of the most important ones:

1: Keep Your Knife Sharp to Prolong Its Life

Quality kitchen knife sets are expensive. When buying premium products, you will be spending hundreds of dollars. Also, better knives are made from forged steel that is perfect for aging gracefully. However, this can all go down the drain if you do not care for your blades.

Keeping the kitchen knives sharp doesn’t only have to do with cutting things easily. It also helps prolong their life. In fact, contrary to popular belief, sharpness also has to do with kitchen knife safety. Sharper your knives are fewer cutting strokes and force you will have to put.

When your knives are sharp, you can get that cutting job done rather easily. There will be no wiggling or excessive force required to cut even the hardiest foods or materials. So, keep your kitchen knives sharp. Most of us already probably know how to sharpen a knife. Get it done every so often.

2: Big Chopping Blocks Are Always Safer

Chopping blocks or surfaces are always important parts of any kitchen. These are where you will be cutting and chopping those vegies, meats and whatnot. It is very easy to say that the bigger the better. However, where bigger is better, your chopping block doesn’t have to cover the entire island surface.

Yet, make sure to get a big enough chopping block that can easily cover the biggest pieces of meat including an entire turkey. Smaller chopping blocks are not only a struggle most of the time, but very unsafe as well. It is so easy to cut yourself when working with a too-small chopping block.

For a standard, make sure your chopping block is a couple of feet on all sides at the very least. This will make chopping foods of all kinds easier and more convenient while doubling down on safety too. You will be able to fit all your foods to be chopped easily on it without struggling too much for space. And believe us, when there are too many things on that chopping block, you will cut where you don’t want.

3: Use a Proper Bench or Chopping Block Scrapper

Often, people use their knife blades to transfer chopped foods to wherever they need to go. This is not ideal for many reasons. Firstly, the knife blades are sharp. If you get your hand too close by accident, it will get cut. Kitchen knife safety is very important at all times.

Also, sliding that knife blade on chopping blocks can easily and quickly dull the blade. This way, not only will you have to keep buying new knives often, but also it will make it hard to cut and chop veggies and meats. You need a proper bench scrapper for the job.

A proper bench scrapper is not sharp on its edge. It will also have a good gripping side. With a scrapping tool being wide and large, you will also find it easier to transfer chopped foods to the cooking side. So, get one and keep your kitchen knife safety high.

4: There Is a Right Size Knife for Every Cutting Job

Not only does a kitchen knife set have blades of all sizes, the correct size one should be used for every cutting job. Get on cutting only your green chilies with a large big blade and you will have a problem. Also, start cutting your big turkey with a too-small knife, you will have a problem too.

Kitchen knife safety really comes into question when using a wrongly sized blade. You are always more prone to cutting yourself when cutting things with mismatched knife sizes. This is why it is important to cut everything with a knife that fits the job well.

5: Invest Some Time in Sharpening Your Knife Skills Too

Have you taken some knife lessons? If not, don’t worry. These days, you don’t have to attend knife classes anywhere. Kitchen knife safety sessions are available on your smartphone. As long as you select the lessons from an authentic source, they should be good to go.

Invest some of your time in basic knife handling skills. These skills also include knowing the right knife for the right job. This will make buying your kitchen knife set a more informed decision as well. So, make sure to know your knives well before setting yourself on cutting jobs.

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