6 Reasons That Make Kukri Knife the Perfect Outdoor Blade

6 Reasons That Make Kukri Knife the Perfect Outdoor Blade

A kukri knife has been around for a very long time. It may have originated in the Indian subcontinent. Also, it is the national weapon of Nepal. Whatever its origin may be, the kukri knife is surely a force to be reconned with. A typical kukri knife is a large long blade with a nice-sized handle as well. Its overall length will be somewhere in the region of 13 inches. Its blade will be big enough for most cutting jobs.

The one thing for sure about this knife is that it is big. Also, some people even give it the name “a mini sword”. This might not be too optimistic as well. When you consider the overall size of the knife, it does look like a smaller sword in many ways. However, due to its size and sharpness, the kukri knife is the perfect outdoor blade for hunting, camping, climbing and other similar activities.

What Is a Typical Kukri Knife?

So, how does the kukri knife separate itself from other big knives of the world? First is its blade and handle length. The blade will be around 8 inches long and the handle will be around 5 inches long on its own. This makes it one of the easier knives to grab when it comes to the handle.

Also, the most distinguishing characteristic is its inward curve. The blade has a pronounced inward curve that makes it so well-balanced. Also, some manufacturers like Damascus Knife Hub make the handle so ornate with exotic materials.

1: Kukri Knife Has a Great Balance When Swinging to Clear the Path

When on hunting, camping or any other outdoor trips to nature, you need a tool to cut the branches and clear the way. This is where the kukri knife is particularly useful. For starters, its long length helps in doing just that. Also, the inward curve balances the knife perfect for swinging it.

Also, this knife has one of the biggest handle sizes among all outdoor knives. This makes it the perfect blade to have a mighty swing on those extended branches or any other growing. Also, you will find the sharp blade on the knife the perfect thing to carve and chop hunted meats.

2: A Sharp Big-Blade Kukri Knife Is a Perfect Blade to Defend Yourself With

When out and about in the wild on hunting or camping trips, you never know what’s coming your way. An attacking predator might find a sneak jump on you when you least expect it. This is where a big blade like a kukri knife is particularly useful. It is not Nepal’s national weapon for no reason after all.

The long handle and even longer blade provide just the tool to defend yourself with. However, you should always be ready and trained with the knife. Most predators can be handled with this knife. However, bigger predators like bears or big cats are the ones you should always stay away from.

3: It Is a Perfect Conversation Starter Anywhere You Take It

When you buy a premium forged steel kukri knife from a seller like Damascus Knife Hub, it will be a great piece to own. With premium blade design and even better handle materials, it will become a conversation starter. Whomever you are with on that outdoor trip, it will be asked questions about.

Additionally, a beautiful kukri knife is a perfect wall piece as well. When not in use for outdoor trips, it can be hung on the wall in any home. The big blade knife will look good on any wall. If you have a hunting trophy room, this knife will be perfect for it.

4: It’s One of the Best Hunting Knives for All-Purpose Use

When on outdoor hunting trips, you need a sharp knife for just about everything. From cutting everything you need to set up camp to preparing those hunted meats, this blade can help with all. This one is a perfect all-purpose hunting knife anywhere you want to take it.

However, when you want to prepare meats for cooking, there might be a need for a smaller blade too. This is why carrying another smaller knife can be ideal. Yet, the big blade kukri knife will be helpful in putting that animal to sleep and cutting it as required.

5: Sharp Kukri Knife Is Perfect to Chop or Slice Small Branches and Organics

Almost always on hunting trips, you need to start a fire. However, those branches and whatever other pieces you need to get that fire going will be required to be cut and chopped. This is where this heavy and big kukri knife is very useful as well.

In addition to that, you might also need to chop and slice other organic materials for many purposes. Some might be needed to be eaten or cooked. You might also need to cut through others to set up that camp. For all of these requirements, the big-blade knife is particularly useful.

6: Forged Steel Kukri Knife Is Made to Last Long Rust-Free

Forged steel material is famous around the world for its rust-free nature. The kukri knife is no different. When made from high-grade forged steel, it will not only be durable but also very long-lasting. You can be certain it will be one of the longest-lasting rust-resistant blades in your armory.

Owning a good quality forged steel hunting knife will make it available for many hunting trips. You will be able to use it elsewhere as well. People have hung on to their forged steel knives for even decades. This one will do the same for you.

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