7" Pocket knife With Engraved Steel Clips & Blue Dollar Sheet

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A knife is a valuable tool that helps you in your cutting tasks, and sometimes it can be your weapon to deal with survival conditions. When it comes to pocket, it is a compact knife designed to use in the field. Moreover, it is also named a hunting knife; whether you love to go hiking or are passionate about hunting and camping, you have to keep a pocket knife with you. From cutting a piece of paper to opening a seal of the box, trimming clothes, to piecing up your favorite fruit, a pocket knife is a handy and easy tool to help you when you are outside. Are you ready to bring exciting change to the collection of your tools for your next outdoor trip? If yes, don't miss out on grabbing the Orklo 7" Back Lock Engraved Pocket Knife. This masterpiece is the answer for everyone who is a bit picky about the model, design, and sharpness. This is a small, simple, functional, and highly reliable pocket knife for even survival or cutting your stuff for preparing a tempting meal. 

More Uses Of Custom Made Engraved Pocket Knife

Anybody from a military man to a worker, a craftsman, a woodman, or even an outdoorsman can get a lot from using such a knife. The folding design alongside the user-friendly handle increases the general usability of this item.

If you are planning for a camping trip, a person who loves to do woodwork at home, or loves to do DIY projects for home, having a pocket knife can be pretty helpful for you. The value and excellent benefits pocket knife offers are unique.

Why Choose Orklo

Design and quality work together to meet utility, this is our vision, and we are glad to bring the best products to make your life easy and smooth. So get ready to elevate your kitchen with Orklo's impressive range of products designed and engineered to exactness using quality materials; this pocket knife can be used for many purposes ranging from opening an envelope and cutting twine to self-defense. So, are you searching for a trusted place to get a premium-quality pocket knife for your needs, then look no further, as Damascus Knife Hub is not just providing a cutting tool that you can use in the kitchen or hunting, but it is offering top-quality kitchenware that will raise your kitchen aesthetics as well. With razor-sharp edges and easy-to-grab handles, you can get the firm knife for yourself. Apart from the shiny sharpness, they are highly durable as well. 

Overall Length:

The right size tool can be more helpful for you as you can keep it anywhere with you. The overall length of this pocket knife is 7", so it can easily carry in your bag, pocket, or in your belt too. 


Complete your task in minimum time by using this sharp blade knife as this Damascus folding knife offers a fold-out 3-inch knife blade finished with high carbon steel, a remarkably tough variety. 

Leather Sheath: 

It is provided with a wrap of the leather sheath to keep you and your tool protected. A leather sheath is the best choice if you want to retain your knife safe during traveling in the wilderness. It offers protection from dirt and stain plus also keeps it protected from being hit around in an airplane or car trunk on its way back home with you.

Firm Handle Material: 

The sturdy and firm handle material makes this knife easy to use. The high-grade Damascus steel is used for the framework of the knife. The beautiful vine pattern file work enhances the outlook of the knives. These features make them distinguishable. 


The quality of this pocket knife is fantastic; it is well created, easily manageable knife featuring the right length, blade size, sharpness, lightweight, and well-balanced knife with excellent grip.  It is carefully designed, carved, and handmade into a magnificent work of art.


Product Details 

Overall Length 7" inches
Blade Length  3" inches
Handle Length 4" Inches
Knife Type Folding/Pocket knife
HRC 55-58
Handle Material

Blue Multicolor Dollar sheet stainless steel clips, File work on the spine

Leather sheath It has Genuine Leather pouch.

It has razor sharp cutting edge.


Some Reasons To Use Damascus Steel To Make Knives:

There are unlimited qualities of Damascus steel which makes it a preferred material. 

The Distinctive Pattern:

The pattern of every Damascus blade is not the same. But all designs give the vibe of flowing water that makes them unparalleled and attractive among many other knives. 


The increased durability and firmness of the Damascus material is of remarkable quality. It enhances the quality of the knife and makes it long-lasting. The stratified layers of the metal make it sturdy hence it will not get chapped easily. 

Looks Antique Yet Modish Simultaneously:

It has a magical appearance of patterned blades that give an antique vibe but; in a modern aura. The usage of various layers gives them this beautiful and aesthetic appearance. The techniques used in manufacturing are not new, but they produce the best results. 

Damascus Blade Do Not Get Rusted Easily:

By maintaining the proper cleanliness and care, the sharpness of the blade of the pocket knife engraved style will not fade away, and it will remain strong; and shiny.

Various Purposes:

It can be used for a variety of purposes. As it is not restricted to kitchen use or hunting purposes, you can utilize them in fishing as well. The folding property of these knives makes them a preferred tool for adventure-loving people and camping enthusiasts. 

How To Clean The Engraved Style Pocket Knife?

There are some basic steps that you should follow to keep the knives well-maintained. Remember that moisture is the enemy of Damascus steel. So keep these knives in a cool and dry place. It is rust-resistant. So you don't have to worry about getting it rusted. It is preferred to use vegetable oil, lubricating, or cooking oil to grease the knife. 

The Damascus knife blade may get darkened with time. To restore its shine, you can get sandpaper and sand the blade lengthwise. You have to sand the raised areas of the patterns of the blade surface. Hence it is super easy to handle and clean these knives.

Are you looking for an incredible gift for your camping buddy? The Back Lock Engraved Pocket Knife Pocket knife is the ultimate item that you can get. They are shipped in secured packaging so you can get the undamaged product.


Customer Reviews

Based on 263 reviews

Very beautiful knife fits in the hand like a glove.

Nicole Acosta

I purchased when on sale for $25. Great quality and size. Looks exactly like the picture. It arrived with some slippery oil substance on it which was unexpected but I'm assuming it's so the metal doesn't rust in transit? Otherwise it's easy to open and close and stays in place. I've only had it for a few days so I'm not sure how it holds up over time but I will only use in emergency self defense situations. Hopefully I won't ever have to use it but it makes me feel safer.


This one met my budget but after receiving it, exceeded my expectations!!
The knife came in a black bag. Lots of glitter everywhere after opening but not a big deal. Not gonna to use that bag anymore. The knife and sheath came in a sealed plastic bag to keep from scratching. The blade also has oil oil on it so it was recently sharpened.
Its super sharp and looks even better than the stock photos. I love it.

Joseph Douglass

Great quality and beautiful damascus pattern and notice it was shipped 20 minutes after I purchased the item looks like pictured just slight damascus pattern difference.

Christina Forgacs

Great quality! It'll probably take a bit of use to loosen up the knife, but I consider that a sign of a good quality piece! The design is gorgeous too


I love the size of the knife and its color. For a female like me, its perfect size to carry inside your bag. Well I bought this just for self defense, you will never know what will happen ??. Overall, I have no complains on this knife, its easy to pull and push and also it is not heavy. The holder case included is also in great quality! I received the item earlier than its expected delivery date.


A very pretty and well made knife. It was a little bit difficult getting it to close, but that could have just been me not being too strong. Now that I've gotten the hang of it, it is easy to open and close. Took 7 days to arrive after placing order.


I do love this knife. It is beautiful and is made of very nice materials. I love the feel of it in my hand. The blade is beautiful also. I would love to recommend this knife to anyone looking for a nice knife. Shipping was quick also.

Liz Barker

My daughter loves her Christmas present!

Sidney Clark

The knife is overall beautiful, and well crafted. The only complaint I could come up with is the blade is a bit tough to open at first, and having to pry it open with your fingers is a bit unpleasant but overall it was a great buy, and my brother loved his gift.

First hand review, very good, slice well, very oily