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While it is certainly not impossible to cut a steak with a dinner knife. Even though the perfect steak knife will enable you to enjoy your delicious cut of meat without bringing unwanted fatigue, when the job is done with an adequate blade. A classy set of great steak knives beautifully dresses up your table, gives a sense of special occasion and also makes a fabulous present for epicures. A stylish steak knife set is definitely going to be treasured in any household, whether you prepare steaks on a frequent basis or just a few times throughout the year. So, whenever meat is there on your menu, the thing you need to grab right away is an exceptional steak knife.

Product Details

Overall Length 9" inches
Blade Length  5"inches
Handle Length 4" Inches
Knife Type Steak knives
HRC 55-58
Handle Material Beautiful Rosewood Handle 
Leather Sheath Optional Roll kit / Separate Leather sheath for each knife
Sharpness It has razor sharp cutting edge.


Meet High Practicality In Style

This elegant set of Damascus Steak knives contains 4 pieces. Presenting a classic look for cattlemen, ranchers, butchers, chefs or anyone else; these are going to make your knives collection standout. Made with the best cutting edge technology to bring superior performance, these knives are crafted with the highest quality Damascus steel material.

Denotes The Artistic Expression Of Advanced Design And Craftsmanship

The sharpest leader of your kitchen or dinner table has been manufactured with premium grade Damascus steel by forge welding the multiple layers of different types of steel into a billet. It is a solid block of 1095 high carbon steel and 15n20 steel, folded several times to craft a Damascus blade with stunning patterns. The strong combination of layering steel brings greater flexibility and toughness that aids in sharp cutting.

Overall Length

With a comfortable overall length of 9" inches, every piece of this lovely knife set delivers more ability and the perfect angle to cut through your favorite meal easily. The length is effortless to handle and leads to a noticeably sharper, smooth cutting edge of the blade.

Blade Length

When it comes to steak knives, blade length appears as a matter of preference. Majority of the kitchen experts agree with the fact that a smaller blade serves more effectively to cut a steak. So, if you go with a blade of around 4" to 5" in length; it will do a wonderful job. Moreover, it is feasible to take care of your shorter blades. As a high carbon, 5"inches Damascus steel blade is used here, it will feel light in hand and bring a pleasant cutting experience.

Handle Length And Material

A knife’s handle is a significant attribute that reveals its quality and craftsmanship standard. These knives hold a beautiful, ergonomic rosewood handle of 4" Inches in length. Rosewood is a premium type of hard wood with a rich color, excellent durability and captivating fragrance. It is a highly sought after material to manufacture an expertly crafted knife. The dark brown colored wood pattern adds much to its charm and allure. To further enhance the aesthetic appeal, a triple riveted design is implemented. It offers the perfect balance, a comfortable grip and complete control over the knife. In addition, the hardwood is impressively resistant to scratches and lasts longer.


This knife is crafted from the beautiful, pattern welded Damascus steel. The intensely heat treated carbon steel indicates the perfect combination of hardness and durability on the Rockwell hardness scale. The hardness of this Damascus steel steak knife according to the Rockwell rating is 55-58. Hence its hardness is strong enough to hold a powerful edge in cutting tasks.


The fascinating patterns are created through manipulating steel by the forge welding process. Twist patterned Damascus brings an all-round, highly enticing, specialized look suitable for any type of knife. It has a natural grain look and no piece is identical to the other by any means. The type is named after a blade smith from Sweden who loved more intense and dense twists.

Leather Sheath

Carry your favorite knives wrapped in a stylish and durable leather sheath. It is made of premium grade genuine leather to attain strength and durability. A thick, strong thread is used to stitch this roll kit so that you can hold and host your precious arsenal of knives more safely.


A knife without sharpness is of no purpose. The more carbon steel content in these Damascus steak knives make them even harder with a razor sharp cutting edge. With exceptionally sharp blades, these knives show superior edge retention and better performance. Hence these have the capability to smoothly carve through hard meat without any resistance. Get the crucial member of your knives collection with the sharpness that the meat on your table deserves.

Slice Steak like A Pro

A steak knife is indeed a useful tool in its own right and proves to be a staple essential in your knife's assemblage. The unique Damascus pattern shows the artistic personality and amazing work of forge smiths. While it’s smooth functionality brings more flavor and joy to your steak meal. Make a wonderful addition to your knife line-up and grab these ultra-sharp and sleek steak knives to impress your dinner guests. Whether you are a weekend grill master or a food fanatic who loves to gain expertise with culinary art; this Damascus steel steak knife set is a must buy item. Be able to slice through the meat like a pro! Imply the least effort to enjoy more juice out of your exceptionally delicious steaks.

Important info

Orkloknives are handmade you will get the same knife as in the photo. A slight difference can be there in color and patterns because these are handmade items and we use natural material.

The combination of different steel 1095 15N20 makes the Damascus steel more beautiful and durable.

It passes through forging process and got tampered which makes the blade more sharper. 
The knife have perfect grip sharp cutting edge and beautiful shape which makes Orklo knives more attractive.


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