Green Pakka Wood Engraved Steel Handle Pocket Knife

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The kitchen is the most significant room in every home. However, it has many kinds of tools and accessories, but if we talk about the one without which you cannot perform your task, it would be a knife. Without having a perfect knife, you cannot get your cutting job done. 

 Want to upgrade your kitchenware and make the preparation of cuisines much easier and fast? Damascus Knife Hub brings you the ultimate kitchen tools that will enhance your kitchen experience like never before. If you want a knife for cooking, hunting, or camping, Green Pakka Wood Engraved Steel Handle Pocket Knife is the perfect selection for you. You can firmly grip it and use it anywhere you want. With the perfect handle and sharp blade, it is the ultimate tool you can have in your camping tool kit.

It is not only sharp and shiny, but it looks aesthetic too. The stratified layers of Damascus steel make it look more phenomenal. The twisted pattern on the blade gives off the vibe of flowing water that exponentially makes it more attractive. So if you are the one who considers the aesthetic of things before buying them, Damascus Knife Hub has one of the most high-end products on their list. The utilization of premium quality craftsmanship is acquired that makes it flawless. The enhanced sharpness and shine make it stunning to place on the countertop or your shelf. The super-comfortable grip and firm folding handle make it long-lasting and durable. 

Buying a knife can be a difficult task, and you should be familiar with the features you are looking for in a knife. So we make it easy for you and list all the important features these knives possess? Read on further to understand.

Product Details 

Overall Length 7" inches
Blade Length  3" inches
Handle Length 4" Inches
Knife Type Folding/Pocket knife
HRC 55-58
Handle Material

Multi color Green Pakka Wood sheet Engraved stainless steel clips, File work on the Spine.

Leather sheath It has Genuine Leather pouch.

It has razor sharp cutting edge.


The Perfect Precision And Accuracy Of The Knives:

The best craftsmen and skilled professionals utilized their expertise and talents to craft the perfect folding knife for the customers. Every product is checked several times to ensure that quality remains constant. The craftsmen are passionate enough to make the perfect folding knives. 

It is one of the most prominent qualities of the products of Damascus Knife Hub that makes them worldwide famous and high-end. The increasing customer base is evidence of the supreme quality and elegance of the knives. 

The Stunning Damascus Steel Blade:

The Damascus steel comprises several stratified layers that are hammered together or forged together to ensure maximum durability and sharpness. It also gives them twisted patterns and a whole new style. It seems like flowing water that looks phenomenal. It will add a touch of personalization and stunning appearance that will elevate the look of your personality when you carry them. 

Firm Handle Material:

The knife's handle is the most important factor determining the folding knife's quality. The firm handmade structure of the knife makes it long-lasting and durable. The back lock green wood handle enhances the grip of the knives, and it enables you to get an unparalleled experience like never before. The top-notch structure and casing ensure that the blade remains in its place, and the customer will get the perfect product at your doorstep. So Damascus Knife Hub is the ultimate amalgamation of artistic designs and professionally accurate products that do not get rusted or dull even after much use. It is the go-to place to buy premium quality knives, folding knives, or axes. 

Super Sharp And Attractive Appearance:

The top-notch Damascus steel is used to create the sharp and shiny blade material that is rust-resistant and stainless. You can gift it to your camping buddies as well. The smooth feel of the blade and exquisite design makes it super sleek. And it enables you to use the knife to cut anything from the meat piece to the skin of the hunted animal. Or you can even use it to remove any organ from the animal you hunted. 

Easy To Maintain Knife:

No special treatment or steps are required to maintain the quality and shine of the knife. The standard cleaning practices and oiling techniques can maintain the sharpness and enhance its appearance. 

Highly Durable Quality:

It is the most long-lasting and durable knife with a high-quality handmade structure, top-notch design, and stunning style. So it will not lose its sharpness or shine over time. On the rockwood hardness scale, the hardness is up to 55 HRC; that is quite effective. 

How To Lubricate The Damascus Steel Blade Properly?

If you do not care for the maintenance of Damascus steel, it will get rusted over time. Or it may lose its sharpness. First, it is important to wash the knife after using it to ensure that it does not accumulate any dirt. Else, it may get discolored or get rusted. To properly lubricate the knife, use animal oil or wax. It will prevent the knife from obtaining moisture. You can also use paraffin oil, coconut oil, or castor oil. Ensure that you do not use the olive oil because it will get solidified if you leave it on the surface unattended. 

Some Tips To Care For The Knives:

It is important to care for the Damascus steel blade as it may get rusted or dull over time after much use. So to maintain the quality of the folding knife, avoid rough cloths or harsh substances to clean it. Moreover, if you use the abrasive material, it will badly affect the quality of the blade. And it will not enhance the look of unique patterns of Damascus steel. 

It is significant to store the knife properly after use and after wash. Please keep it away from moisture and extreme temperature. Keep it secure in a zippered box after properly lubricating and cleaning the knife. You can store it in a magnetic rack or a block after use. 

Final Words:

Damascus Knife Hub is the house of creativity and quality. When these two characteristics merge, a perfect folding knife forms; you can select from a wide variety of knives showcased on the website. All the products, including Pakka Wood Engraved Steel Handle Green Pocket Knife, are delivered to your doorstep at the promised timeframe. Select from various knives and get all your desired products at affordable prices.


IF you Ever Have a Question about Knife and it's care policy, Please Feel free to contact us any time. We are here to help & serve you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 263 reviews

Very beautiful knife fits in the hand like a glove.

Nicole Acosta

I purchased when on sale for $25. Great quality and size. Looks exactly like the picture. It arrived with some slippery oil substance on it which was unexpected but I'm assuming it's so the metal doesn't rust in transit? Otherwise it's easy to open and close and stays in place. I've only had it for a few days so I'm not sure how it holds up over time but I will only use in emergency self defense situations. Hopefully I won't ever have to use it but it makes me feel safer.


This one met my budget but after receiving it, exceeded my expectations!!
The knife came in a black bag. Lots of glitter everywhere after opening but not a big deal. Not gonna to use that bag anymore. The knife and sheath came in a sealed plastic bag to keep from scratching. The blade also has oil oil on it so it was recently sharpened.
Its super sharp and looks even better than the stock photos. I love it.

Joseph Douglass

Great quality and beautiful damascus pattern and notice it was shipped 20 minutes after I purchased the item looks like pictured just slight damascus pattern difference.

Christina Forgacs

Great quality! It'll probably take a bit of use to loosen up the knife, but I consider that a sign of a good quality piece! The design is gorgeous too


I love the size of the knife and its color. For a female like me, its perfect size to carry inside your bag. Well I bought this just for self defense, you will never know what will happen ??. Overall, I have no complains on this knife, its easy to pull and push and also it is not heavy. The holder case included is also in great quality! I received the item earlier than its expected delivery date.


A very pretty and well made knife. It was a little bit difficult getting it to close, but that could have just been me not being too strong. Now that I've gotten the hang of it, it is easy to open and close. Took 7 days to arrive after placing order.


I do love this knife. It is beautiful and is made of very nice materials. I love the feel of it in my hand. The blade is beautiful also. I would love to recommend this knife to anyone looking for a nice knife. Shipping was quick also.

Liz Barker

My daughter loves her Christmas present!

Sidney Clark

The knife is overall beautiful, and well crafted. The only complaint I could come up with is the blade is a bit tough to open at first, and having to pry it open with your fingers is a bit unpleasant but overall it was a great buy, and my brother loved his gift.

First hand review, very good, slice well, very oily