Custom Handmade Damascus steel chef/Kitchen knife set of 5 PCS with Leather Kit.

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Whether you are a household cook or a professional chef searching for the perfect kitchen knives to perform your kitchen chores more efficiently; you are at the right place. With dozens of layers, wave-like pattern, sharp blades and durability; Damascus steel chef knives are here to amaze. Damascus kitchen knives are making their ways into the personal and commercial kitchens all across the globe. The features most chefs love about these knives are the beautiful patterns that make them a masterpiece for the kitchen, their exceptional sharpness and edge retention. 

How are the modern Damascus steel knives made?

The modern Damascus steel knives are crafted by forge-welding different types of steel together either by manipulating or twisting the metal. Also, a particular steel type is flattened or folded to produce mesmerizing layers in the metal. The particular Damascus form is easily perceptible through its wavy pattern. In addition to the aesthetic beauty and sleek look, these knives show enhanced flexibility and hardness while maintaining a sharp edge. The properties depend upon the steel types used in manufacturing of such knives and bring corrosion resistance, ideal balance of ductility and sharpness; that are the keys to the versatility of a knife.

Adorn Your Kitchens with More Aesthetic Appeal

Get the classic array of kitchen knives that is going to fit your culinary needs. Grab this Custom Handmade Damascus steel chef/Kitchen knife set of 5 PCS with Leather Kit and embellish your kitchen rack with ultimate mystique and allure. Stay at the forefront of efficiency with aesthetic charm with the beautiful Damascus pattern. These knives are sure to receive additional value as excellent gifts and outdoor cooking collections.

Product Details

Pick them as your kitchen centerpiece. Add style and elegance to your cutting or chopping board and boast performance. With a generous touch of earth-toned, classic beauty; your Damascus steel chef’s knife stands as the queen of your kitchen. Let’s appreciate the unique utilitarian features:

Overall Length 13"-12"-11"-10"-9" inches
Blade Length  8"-7"-6"-5"-4"inches
Handle Length 5" Inches
Knife Type Chef knife set
HRC 55-58
Handle Material

Brown Dollar sheet with mosaic pin Brass clips

Leather sheath It has pure Leather Roll kit.
Sharpness It has razor sharp cutting edge.

Overall Length of Knives

With different overall lengths, these knives serve for multipurpose tasking. From larger forms to the smaller sizes; this set contains Damascus steel knives with varying lengths of 13"-12"-11"-10"-9" inches respectively. Whether you want to debone chicken, fish and any other meat or need buttery penetration with pristine cuts while slicing or chopping; you are going to attain prime satisfaction with these handy knives.

Blade Length

A great chef’s knife features an all-purpose blade to bring ease in everyday cutting, dicing, slicing, crushing and mincing different ingredients. That’s why upgrading its blade matters the most. When we talk about this particular set of chef's knives; we find different length blades to meet diversified utility. Choosing a longer or shorter blade depends upon the user’s skill level, size of hands and the purpose for which it is used. Here we have got a variety of five sizes including 8"-7"-6"-5"-4"inches respectively.

Handle Length & Material

Every piece of these custom handmade Damascus steel kitchen knives showcases an ergonomic handle made with Brown Dollar sheet. These are fitted with mosaic pin brass clips to present a comfortable grip. The length of each handle is 5" Inches that brings easy handling, excellent control and non-slip nature. By reducing hand fatigue and preventing numbness, these make long-term cutting hauls very simple and facile.

Hardness and HRC

The Rockwell scale or HRC is used to measure the hardness of a knife’s blade. With an HRC value of 55-58; these knives are usually used by the Chinese bone cleavers. These can be sharpened to a good extent


We can appreciate the stunning Twist pattern in these Damascus steel knives in tight and gradual density. The steel is forged by hammer to bring a beautiful precise pattern that in turn enhances the beauty of this set to the level of robustness.

Leather Sheath

The set of five vintage knives comes in the pure Leather Roll kit. It is a handmade sheath made of high-quality leather and fine stitching. With this, you can safely carry along your knives for outdoor cooking activities, while protecting your body from contact with sharp blades. It also adds to the aesthetic feel of the product.


Handle even the toughest tasks of cutting with grace and sophistication! The classic range of Damascus steel knives offers an excellent razor sharp cutting edge. It increases the durability of blades for a rough and tough use.

Stylish Knives to Complement Your Kitchen Charm

Making the most versatile tool for cutting tasks, this phenomenal range of Damascus steel chef’s knife is a staple essential for your kitchen jobs. Meet universality of processing meat, vegetables, nuts and more with this well balanced, classically designed knife set. Attain versatility and exquisite workmanship while chopping, dicing, slicing and carve your way to be a master chef!

Important Info

Orkloknives are handmade you will get the same knife as in the photo. A slight difference can be there in color and patterns because these are handmade items and we use natural material.
The combination of different steel makes the Damascus steel more beautiful and durable.
The knife have perfect grip sharp cutting edge and beautiful shape which makes Orkloknives more attractive.

 Best Regards,

Orklo knife

Customer Reviews

Based on 219 reviews

These cutters are epic! Seriously upped my backyard grilling game. Great conversation piece as well when guest are over and you bust out the knives ??????

Zoe Lent-Bews

Got these as a gift and husband loves them. Didnt notice they came damaged and when I reached out, even though it was past the 21 day grace period, they worked with me and are sending replacement knives. Talk about great customer service!! Thank you so much!

Andrea Henry

Shipped quickly! Item is as described. My husband loves them!

Jo Rivera

Love these knives. Shipped and received promptly. Packaged very well. Extremely sharp. Completely satisfied with my purchase.

John Rosemellia

Custom Made Damascus Chef Knife Set of 4 Pcs

Jane doe
Name is not Jane

Ordered these knives because I thought they were American made like the other knife I got from Orkloknife as a Christmas as a gift, but these are not! They were shipped from Pakistan. They look okay but after getting the grease off they are not as sharp as expected. The leather roll is thin and cheaply made. Probably won’t order again

Great knives!

Very happy with the knives, I received both sets quickly, packaged well and overall great quality. I noted the other comments about the oil, so what? Just wash and maintain them, they’re great

William James

My son purchased this for a friend. Both his friend and my son were very happy with it. I was also amazed at all the small detail work done on this too. The item came quickly and there were no complaints.

Jena Reynolds

My husband was so impressed with the craftsmanship of this item! I purchased it as an 11 year anniversary gift (to honor our steel anniversary) and it was so well made as well as a truly beautiful heirloom quality piece. I couldnt be happier with my purchase!

Philip Lawson

Great item.