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A cleaver is a heavy, ax-like knife that has been used for about the past one million years to cut through meat and animal bone. In modern times, it is generally made of carbon steel or iron and employed as a requisite tool for a butcher and a common kitchen implement. Its high-end use and versatility are truly exemplified by Chinese-style cooking. Here it has a great utility in every step of food preparation, from slicing vegetables, chopping firewood, and whittling chopsticks to butchering meat. Moreover, its flat surface is useful, like a mallet, to pound and tenderize tough meatloaves. In addition to an all-purpose broad blade cleaver, you can also find a standard, narrow-bladed, lighter cleaver used for gentle slicing. The meat cleaver, also known as the western cleaver, features a thick blade that is not very sharp. It is meant for heavy-duty use like splitting bones; it does not require a very sharp edge. 

For what purposes are meat cleavers used?

The large knife that varies in its shape resembles a rectangular-bladed hatchet. It is widely used as a butcher knife or a kitchen knife to slash through bone. Its broadside can be employed to crush small ingredients like garlic. The bold and sturdy meat cleaver or the bone chopper stands as the largest yet heaviest of the kitchen knives. It is designed in such a classic shape that it is great to break down meat, hacking through small to medium bones and connective tissues.

Handle Your Meat With The Finest Tool

Want to grab the best Damascus meat cleaver? Then put your hands on this amazing Chopper at Orklo knife. The classic piece is one of its kind due to its unique Damascus pattern and distinctive grace.

Product Details

Overall Length 12" inches
Blade Length  7"inches
Handle Length 5" Inches
Knife Type Meat Cleaver/Chopper
HRC 55-58
Handle Material Rosewood handle with brass clip
Leather sheath It has pure cow leather sheath with it.
Sharpness It has razor sharp cutting edge.


How Is It Made?

Blade Details

The lovely Damascus patterns are created together by forging or folding softer, high carbon steel and stainless steel. Then the blades are placed in an acid bath to bring out the best pattern. The acid eats away the most corrosive form of high-carbon steel to leave behind unique patterns during the process. After that, the blades are sealed using a museum-grade wax coating. The skilled and experienced craftsman carefully forge and polish the tool with great sharpness, hardness, durability, and excellent cutting performance. This particular meat cleaver has a blade length of 7" inches and a beautiful twist pattern.

The Multifunctional Cleaver Knife

The high-performing meat cleaver is just perfect for cutting, slicing, deboning, chopping, cleaving meat and light bones, vegetables, and coconut. It is really easy to sharpen and clean. It makes a great addition to high-quality home cutlery and any professional's kitchen. Hence it effectively meets the diversified range of uses as a heavy-duty kitchen knife.

Ergonomic Design

The angle and bend of the cleaver handle are ergonomically designed to maintain a comfortable yet flexible grip and prevent slip from the hand. The ergonomic handle shape allows maximum comfort and maneuverability for the user. The handle of this meat cleaver is 5" inches in length and made from a Rosewood handle with a brass clip. It has life-long durability, and the user's wrist is not overworked even long term use. In addition, a triple-riveted design scheme on the handle escorts incredible robustness, quality, and more durability, enhancing the beauty of its overall look.

HRC Value 55-58

The best Damascus meat cleaver scores a 55-58 HRC value on the Rockwell Scale. The metal used in this classic knife is tough and ready for exceptional work. With a razor-sharp cutting edge, this cleaver knife brings an effective cutting experience and infuses great excitement for cooking. The cutting edge of this cleaver knife can be painstakingly sharpened to ensure maximum sharpness.

Overall Length  12" inches

This meat cleaver holds an overall length of 12-inches with a rectangular-bladed tapered shape and a smooth curve on the top. It works perfect for chopping, cutting, and mincing.

Premium Leather Sheath        

Carry high-end performance and elegance by wrapping your best Damascus meat cleaver in a premium-grade leather sheath. It comes with a pure cowhide leather sheath that provides safety for the user and protects your cleaver edge from any damage. Moreover, it keeps your cutting tool safe and secure while you navigate the outdoors.

Kitchen Gift

The astounding meat cleaver knife is a multipurpose tool with a fascinating look. It has a stunning feel and satisfactory weight. It brings impeccable performance with a strong design, good strength, and durability. This tool makes a tempting gift for your family and friends. It would appear as an ideal present for any home or professional kitchen cook.

Damascus Care Tips

Before using the best Damascus meat cleaver, you should understand some tips to ensure maximum safety of your exquisite tool:

  •         Keep your Damascus clean and free of humid environments. The classy Damascus blades need more attention because of their higher carbon content that is at higher risk of corrosion. So, it is better to clean the blade immediately after use or if it has come into contact with moisture.
  •         Spot cleaning the rust is a great option if your knife has been exposed to humidity. The best way is to spot clean the blade using a soft scrub.
  •         Protecting the pattern from fading is an essential job to do when dealing with Damascus steel blades. Apply a high-quality oil or a small amount of WD-40 when the blade is dry. It will help to protect the blade against moisture and fading. Damascus is chemically fused with stainless steel and other softer metals; therefore, you do not need to worry about flaking or chipping.
  •         Maintain the sharp cutting edge of your Damascus steel blade. Damascus steel will maintain its edge for quite a long time, but it will eventually get dull if used consistently. So, it is highly recommended to maintain its edge with the Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker.

Grab this fantastic meat cleaver and see how it will complete your kitchen like a real king!

Important info

Orkloknives are handmade you will get the same knife as in the photo. A slight difference can be there in color and patterns because these are handmade items and we use natural material.
The combination of different steel makes the Damascus steel more beautiful and durable.
The knife have perfect grip sharp cutting edge and beautiful shape which makes Orklo knives more attractive.

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