Personalized Handmade Damascus Steel Chef knife set of 5 PCS with Beautiful Resin Handle Kitchen Knife with Leather Kit

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If you ask any professional chef to choose only one kitchen tool, they would probably pick a chef's knife. While other kitchen knives, like butcher knives and serrated knives, have more individualized applications, a great chef's knife can do it all, from cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing to more complicated tasks, like cutting a pineapple or coconut and carving a chicken. So, if you would have to pick up that one ultimate cooking tool, this should be a classic chef's knife set. Want to take your meal prep to the next level? Grab the best full tang kitchen knife set at Damascus Knife Hub. This highly fascinating Full Tang Rosewood Handle Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set of 5 PCS is something you would love for many years. Handcrafted by a professional team of skilled craftsmen, the attention to detail provided to these knives is simply out of this world. Let's gather useful information about the stunning masterpieces.  

Product Details Make The Real Difference

When shopping for the best chef's knife, it is crucial to look into its specs. Finding your go-to kitchen or chef's knife is largely based on personal preferences. Because what might feel perfectly balanced and ok to one person may feel heavy to another. So, here is what to consider:

Damascus Blade

Sporting elegant, twist patterns, these chef's knives are unique and classy. The hand-forged Damascus steel blades are much more than just tools; these are considered as a work of art. The high-grade Damascus steel used is made from multiple layers of high carbon and other steel types that are skillfully forged, welded and hammered several times. Each knife is carefully designed and carved to yield a breathtaking work of art. The result is an impressively hard edge that looks outclass and is built to last.

Knife’s Handle

Another significant spec you will likely notice is the knife's handle and how it is attached to the beautiful Damascus blade. The amazing chef's knife set carries five knives with a handle length of 5" Inches. Combine the classic blade with the amazingly comfortable wood handle, and you have a set of knives that will take your slicing, chopping, carving and dicing to the level of perfection. The ergonomically designed handle design offers the best comfortable grip to meet cutting tasks easily. The handles are made from rosewood in a full tang built, bringing a well-balanced hold and a natural weight and feel when held. The natural rosewood holds an original texture and colour, making the cutter aesthetically more alluring. 

Product Details 

Overall Length 14"-13"-12"-11"-10" inches
Blade Length  9"-8"-7"-6"-5" inches
Handle Length 5" Inches
Knife Type Chef / Kitchen Knife
HRC 55-58
Handle Material White & Black Resin with Brass bolster
Leather sheath It has Genuine Leather pouch.

It has razor sharp cutting edge.


Full Tang Construction

These knives come with a full tang that means the blade runs through the entire handle and helps to balance it. The comfortable full tang rosewood handle carries a lanyard hole in each knife. 


How the blade flows into the knife's handle or the bolster makes another point of differentiation. These knives have angled bolsters that allow for a more protected grip, better for beginners or novices.

Multipurpose Set For Culinary Perfection

The full tang knife set consists of 5 high-class pieces:

Chef knives, a meat cleaver/chopper, paring knife with varying lengths. These knives are made highly sharpened to meet performance excellence.

Other Dimensions

Overall Length: 14"-13"-12"-11"-10" inches

Blade Length: 9"-8"-7"-6"-5" inches

Each knife has its function and uses depending upon varying lengths and sizes.

HRC Value 55-58

This superb knife set has razor-sharp blades to work efficiently in the kitchen or even outdoors. With an HRC value of 55-58, these deliver extreme sharpness, hardness and durability. All the knives are lab tested under intense conditions to bring the perfect balance and resilience. These knives show a sharp cutting edge and hold the sharpness even after heavy-duty use.

Genuine Leather Sheath Roll Kit

The true quality material remains intact when you carry these gorgeous knives in a high-quality genuine leather sheath. These knives come with a high-grade leather roll kit to keep and carry them with complete protection. The kit is meticulously stitched, featuring snap tab buttons and buckles for safe wrapping.

As A Unique Gift Idea

The distinctive set of chef's knives makes a great holiday gift and the perfect present for hunting, camping and outdoor activities. With an all-purpose nature, quick penetration, long-lasting durability, ease in carrying, comfortable grip and sharp edges, this set is a go-to tool for various purposes.

Chef's Best Choice

This set makes the top choice for chefs and the perfect pick for everyday use. This knife is a go-to way for heavy-duty or light use if you are a professional cook or home cook. Here in this useful package, the most interesting thing is accurate sizing to meet the chef's daily cooking and cutting tasks. So, enhance the look of your kitchen with these stunning pieces of art and performance. Cut, carve, slice and dice reliably!

Damascus Steel Knives Caring Instructions  

Once you have grabbed your fantastic kitchen tools, it is great to take care of these properly. With the following tips, you can better care for your chef's knives:

  •         Damascus steel blades are highly vulnerable to rust. So, after using these, wash them carefully and get them dried completely. After that, apply a high-quality vegetable oil, mineral oil, coconut oil or wax on the blade and store them lubricated.
  •         Do not place your Damascus knife in the pouch for a long time. It can cause rust due to the high Carbon content. It is recommended to place these knives in a place that do not have moisture or humidity.
  •         If you find any rusting appears on the surface due to the negligence of care, it can be wiped off with a mixture of lime and vinegar. Re-coat the blades with the best food-safe lubricants like mineral or coconut oil.

Looking for the perfect chef's knife set that feels like the extension of your hand? Grab the precious package with high-end performance pieces and keep them sharp for extended use.

IF you Ever Have a Question about Knife and it's care policy, Please Feel free to contact us any time. We are here to help & serve you.

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