Handmade J2 Viking axe with leather wrapping

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The Vikings were considered as a prominent force of Northern Europe from the end of the 8th century through the middle of the 11th century. With their military campaigns and incursions, they conquered the new lands and their success can be attributed to their high class combat skills, aggressive fighting style and unmistakable weaponry. A distinctive choice for the Viking warriors was the Viking axe used as the most common weapon in medieval Scandinavian era. Classically these axes served the purpose to build houses, carts, ships and as a strong arsenal in battles. Depending upon their types, designs, weight and sizes; these axes worked differently. Designed for function and beauty, these were used in the middle ages owned by Scandinavians during the Viking reign.  These historical axes were employed to withstand powerful throwing during battling. Traditionally crafted with hardened edges and forged heads; these were lightweight and fast enough to throw or swing for a speedy attack. To attain wood chopping jobs, farm axes were used in a relatively bigger size.

The Classic Edge of Artisan Weaponry

Crafted with skilled craftsmanship and a captivating decorative design, this Real J2 Viking Axe With Leather Wrapping is a real piece of art. With premium grade J2 steel material, it is made highly corrosion resistant. It's fantastic engraving, carving and etching work makes it visually appealing to preserve it as a collectible for people with a cultured, artistic taste.

Product Details

Overall Length 20" inches
Blade Length  6x4" inches
Handle Length 18" Inches
Knife Type Viking Axe
HRC 55-58
Handle Material

wood With leather wrapping 

Leather sheath It has pure Leather pouch.
Sharpness It has razor sharp cutting edge.


Overall Length 

The enticing Viking axe has an overall length of 20" inches that is truly comfortable to hold and handle. It is an up to the standard bearded axe formerly used for battling purposes. Nowadays it is used as a historical souvenir in museums and a decorative unit for the lovers of battle axe culture.

Blade Length

Although such types of Viking axes are no longer used today, these perform great function for those who love to learn and study about past civilizations. This Viking axe comes with a blade length of 6x4" inches making it a well-balanced edged weapon. A distinctively styled blade curvature enabled Viking warriors to knock off their enemies to the ground thus providing sound utility.  

Handle Length & Material

The best quality Viking axes have wooden handles that are more ergonomic and last longer. Appreciate an amazing 18" Inches made of Ash and Rosewood tree to give a beautiful pattern. These trees are cut into wedges to create wooden planks. Then these logs are joined in an overlapping manner to bring a Viking product with flexibility and unique strength. The handmade axe has a handle wrapped in leather to bring the best grip and durability.  


This beautiful eye-catching Viking axe indicates an HRC value of 55-58 for high-quality and durable blades. It is sharp enough to work effortlessly and also can be hand sharpened for a razor cutting edge. During the ancient times, the Viking axes were implemented as an affordable and functional solution as compared to swords. Therefore, virtually every Viking male possessed such a type of axe and these turned as the Viking way of life.

Leather sheath As A Protective Covering

The classic axe can be protected in a genuine leather sheath which holds its head snugly with a single snap tab closure. It carries a durable double stitching that adds to its durability.  With this classy cover, it is easy to keep the masterpiece of artwork safe, secure and undamaged.


With a razor sharp cutting edge, the fabulous looking axe appears to be a cherished package to gift someone with a historic taste. The edge is sharpened by hand to impart the best functional axe that is aesthetically beautiful also.


The phenomenal handmade replica of the Viking axe is a historical delight that is a masterpiece of high end carving techniques. This absolutely wonderful axe has a lovely design pattern to give the feel of the glorious Viking period.  So, what could be a better surprise for your favorite outdoorsman than this stunning piece of axe? Grab this as a decorative piece for a distinctive display! Amuse specialty collectors with this incredibly whimsical depiction of Scandinavian time.

Preserve the Battle Viking Axe Culture In the Modern Times

Awaken your courageous inner Viking warrior by holding this gorgeous Viking axe. This is really a well-crafted tool that boasts a sturdy built and appreciable handmade artistry. The intimidating weapon will make you feel like a mighty fighter of classic times. It reveals such a phenomenal carving that can’t be erased even after centuries. We extremely value our history and to preserve its beautiful essence, we are presenting this magnificent reenactment weapon that is just true to its authentic origin. Whether you want to keep it as an ancient triumph or wish to treat anyone with a keen interest in history; this is something very specific to attain the point!


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