Hand Forged Damascus Steel Rose Wood Handle Pocket Knife With Genuine Cow Sheath.

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Looking for a brand new knife with perfect features? There are many options out there; among those, some stand out more than others. No matter you're intended use, there is one ultimate type that will always catch your eyes: a rosewood handle knife. Damascus knives are made with special techniques resulting in beautiful wavy, swirling, or rippling patterns across the blade. The original Damascus knives date back to 200 A.D. in the Middle East. With time, these knives have adopted different techniques and forging methods. That's why the modern version is made and looks a bit differently. These knives are either forged-welded from the different types of steel manipulated into a classic pattern or from stainless steels of high-end nature, fused in a crucible. These methods create a stunning design that is always unique, and no two blades are ever identical.  

Purposeful Creation For A Range Of Uses

You can find Damascus steel knives in just about every blade shape and form for different purposes. These can be employed in numerous applications, from hunting knives to folders or chef's kitchen knives. Once lost to history, Damascus steel has now become fairly common in the modern pockets and kitchen knives arsenal. So, if you wonder how to pick up the right one for you? Check out the amazing selection at Orklo Knife and grab the perfect fit for your style and needs. Let's appreciate an amazing piece from the best Damascus knives selection-the Hand Forged Damascus Steel Rose Wood Handle Pocket Knife With Genuine Cow Sheath.

Product Details

This knife is made through the hand-forged folding process and refolding different layers of red-hot low carbon & high carbon mixture. These types are forged, welded, and hammered several times to get multiple layers. The resulting blade is beautiful visually and is extra tough and super sharp also. The modern and contemporary methods bring the beautiful twist pattern and contours in the blade.

Product Details 

Overall Length 8.75" inches
Blade Length  4" inches
Handle Length 4.75" Inches
Knife Type Folding/Pocket knife
HRC 55-58
Handle Material

Rose Wood Brass work  stainless steel clips, 

Leather sheath It has Genuine  Leather pouch.

It has razor sharp cutting edge.


Overall Length

It is a masterpiece of artwork with an overall length of 8.75" inches. Bringing a true design and professional craftsmanship display, this knife is a go-to tool for adventurers and outdoors people. It will suit a wide range of personal interests and tastes with a comfy size and the perfect grip. Take it for bushcraft, sports, and outdoor activities. It will also work great for camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing tasks. 

Blade Length

Apart from the sharpness and design pattern, the length of a knife's blade plays an important role in performing various tasks. With a blade length of 4" inches, it is simply more facile to handle the knife. The comfortable size of the blade promises to fulfill the test of time for anglers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Handle Length & Material

Once you hold this knife in your hands, you will be excited to dream up the thrilling stories and adventures that your side will create. Thanks to its handle material textured with rose woodwork fitted in stainless steel clips. It renders a good grip and is comfortable to open or close. The length of the handle is 4.75" Inches that brings a complete handsome package for EDC.


On the hardness scale, this knife holds an HRC value of 55-58. The multiple layers of high carbon steel and other types increase the blade's hardness and render greater sharpness and strength for the versatility of use. The knife will stand the test of time because of its sharper edge.


The key factor in a knife's performance is its sharpness. Different heat treating methods impart the most enduring and sharp edges.

Cow Sheath As A Protective Covering  

This beautiful masterpiece is worth protecting for better performance. The intricate Damascus steel blade should be kept sharp and undamaged. It comes with a genuine cow leather sheath to accentuate its sharpness and razor cutting edge. The top-quality extra thick leather sheath is meticulously sewn to build a sturdy. Its strong stitching and extra thick leather escort a full cover that withstands years of rugged use.

How To Care For Your rosewood handle knife

  • As a carefully crafted Damascus steel pocket knife, spending hundreds of hours, it deserves utmost care and attention. The legacy triumph of art requires the best safeguard for maximum life, luster, and beauty. The hand-forged Damascus blade is made out of high carbon steel and chromium in the alloy; it is more prone to rusting. So, the users must ensure to keep the blade clean.
  • Once you have cleaned and dried your Damascus steel pocket knife, you should lubricate the knife's blade with a special wax. This act will protect it from moisture. It is good to avoid rusting as it ensures the Damascus' striking patterns remain the same and vivid as it was hand-forged.
  • Abrasive textiles and chemicals can significantly affect the blade's look and performance. Using a metal cleaner or rough cloth can remove the etched oxidation making the blade's pattern visible.
  • For a blade's longevity, storage conditions are crucial. When your knife is not being used, it should be kept in a dry environment. In this regard, a soft case or box can do a real job.
  •  Maintain the edge of your knife's blade. Damascus steel will maintain its sharpness for quite a while, but it will dull faster if it is not cared for properly. Use Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker to keep the edge. 

Carry On The Ancient Legacy In The Modern Times

This rosewood handle knife is the perfect-sized tool that will make an excellent companion for your everyday carry. Although the Damascus folders are typically very expensive, this rosewood handle knife is astonishingly modest in price. Whether you are an experienced outdoorsman or simply someone who wants a quality pocket knife, this rosewood handle knife is the perfect combination of form and function. This classic tool will relish the exceptional value and a modern take on an ancient style. It will be your ideal companion for your next camping trip or outdoor adventures.

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Customer Reviews

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Very beautiful knife fits in the hand like a glove.

Nicole Acosta

I purchased when on sale for $25. Great quality and size. Looks exactly like the picture. It arrived with some slippery oil substance on it which was unexpected but I'm assuming it's so the metal doesn't rust in transit? Otherwise it's easy to open and close and stays in place. I've only had it for a few days so I'm not sure how it holds up over time but I will only use in emergency self defense situations. Hopefully I won't ever have to use it but it makes me feel safer.


This one met my budget but after receiving it, exceeded my expectations!!
The knife came in a black bag. Lots of glitter everywhere after opening but not a big deal. Not gonna to use that bag anymore. The knife and sheath came in a sealed plastic bag to keep from scratching. The blade also has oil oil on it so it was recently sharpened.
Its super sharp and looks even better than the stock photos. I love it.

Joseph Douglass

Great quality and beautiful damascus pattern and notice it was shipped 20 minutes after I purchased the item looks like pictured just slight damascus pattern difference.

Christina Forgacs

Great quality! It'll probably take a bit of use to loosen up the knife, but I consider that a sign of a good quality piece! The design is gorgeous too


I love the size of the knife and its color. For a female like me, its perfect size to carry inside your bag. Well I bought this just for self defense, you will never know what will happen ??. Overall, I have no complains on this knife, its easy to pull and push and also it is not heavy. The holder case included is also in great quality! I received the item earlier than its expected delivery date.


A very pretty and well made knife. It was a little bit difficult getting it to close, but that could have just been me not being too strong. Now that I've gotten the hang of it, it is easy to open and close. Took 7 days to arrive after placing order.


I do love this knife. It is beautiful and is made of very nice materials. I love the feel of it in my hand. The blade is beautiful also. I would love to recommend this knife to anyone looking for a nice knife. Shipping was quick also.

Liz Barker

My daughter loves her Christmas present!

Sidney Clark

The knife is overall beautiful, and well crafted. The only complaint I could come up with is the blade is a bit tough to open at first, and having to pry it open with your fingers is a bit unpleasant but overall it was a great buy, and my brother loved his gift.

First hand review, very good, slice well, very oily